Cheiro’s Palmistry for All has ratings and 4 reviews. Tina said: One of the concise and easy to read books on palmistry by the master himself. Recomm. Cheiro was a renowned palmist whose world travels gained attention in the press and whose palm readings for the rich and famous of his day, including Mark. It will thus be seen that, viewing palmistry from this standpoint alone, it becomes a study not contrary to the dictates of reason, but in accordance with those.

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There was nothing further to detain Cheiro.

This form is largely found on the hands of artists, painters, and those who even in other walks of life have the sensitive artistic temperament, even though it may not have been developed to a larger extent. He was earning well from his occult practice. The upper double line of head in his right hand has a wide distance from the line of life.

The man, or woman, will apparently assert his independence kro, and leave the ties of home life, and again go out in the world and fight the palmkstry for himself, as he did in the earlier part of his existence, when he probably left his parents’ influence and forged ahead for himself. He had to overcome his extreme sensitiveness. Before talking about the incident.

When the line turns upward in the reverse direction, the possessor is not likely ever to marry 4, Plate XVII. Consequently, if found long and clear, it would indicate a superior mental palmiatry in a coarse brutal or animal nature.

When it lies very high on the hand and the space is narrowed only by the Head Line being abnormally high and out of its place, it indicates the reverse of the above, and ksro the affairs of the heart are ruled by the head. He has inherited from a krro intellectual line of ancestors and for all work requiring intelligence and a higher mentality he or she could be depended on, whereas the first-mentioned type could not—no matter how well he might talk or advocate his own superiority.

Further, it is an excellent sign to be without this palmkstry altogether. There are hundreds of facts connected with the hand that people have rarely, if ever, heard of, and I [Pg 2] think it will not be out of place if I touch on them here. If the mood or the desire does not come, such people, although always brilliant and clever, may often waste their lives doing nothing. The success I had during the twenty-five years in which I was connected with this study was, I believe, chiefly owing to the fact that although my principal study was the lines and formation of hands, yet I did not confine myself alone to that particular page in the book of Nature.


I bought ppalmistry and read every line. An island, when found on a woman’s hand connecting the Fate Line with the Mount of Venus, is an almost certain indication of her seduction 5, Plate XIV.

Palmistry for all, by Cheiro.

Rahul kumar rated it liked it Dec 01, This relationship has to be special. The Line of Mercury, or of Health, relating as it does to the nervous system, and also to the mind Mercurylends itself to the supposition that the all-knowing [Pg 84] subconscious brain is cognisant, even at an early age, of the force of resistance in the nervous system. My tympanic membrane was ruptured. It is a well-established fact that the thumbs of all misers are “tied in” and cramped-looking. When these islands are found at the commencement of the line under the first finger or Mount of Jupiter 3, Plate IV.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist

Somehow, my father had good terms with him and palkistry met on several occasions. Jitendra Solanki rated it it was ok Sep 26, Any broken Life Line with this Line of Mars behind it may indicate great danger of death where the break appears, but a danger that will be overcome through the vitality indicated by this Inner Life Line or Line of Mars.

But these people with the “open Line of Head” must, above all things, have purpose in their palmistrg. In other words, their life will remain in darkness; people will not see their work and the “Sun of Success” will never dawn on their pathway of labour. When all the fingers especially if the fingers be long are seen always clinging, sticking, as it were, or folding over one another it denotes very doubtful qualities in the nature of their possessor and a kfro tendency towards thieving and general kkero of moral principal.

In many cases a fine line may be found crossing the entire palm, from the Marriage Line, and in such a case [Pg 76] the greatest animosity and bitterness will enter into the fight for freedom and divorce.


Not striking with force but using poison. These all are confirmed from 31 st of Marchiero not from 7 th of August,agreed currently to be her correct date of birth. All the truly successful people in this world have long line of heart. Returning to the impression of this remarkable hand; even in shape alone one may read by the rules of this science the following clearly-marked characteristics:. When Cheiro, went there, he thought he knew the woman but was unable kro recognize the exact time when he had met her.

Cheiro, a mysterious Palmist | Horus, the Astro-Palmist

At the time of her death, the mystery was still there but subsequent years and research about her life has finally revealed the truth. The Kingdom was handed to him already in heavy debt.

The miracle had happened. If these opposition lines pass through, cut, or interfere with the Line palmiwtry Sun in any way, they denote the jealousy or interference of people against one.

At the age of 27 he sat for an American course whereas at the age of 42, he planned his major fraud.

Medical science has proved that there is such a thing as a “thumb centre” in the brain and any pressure or disease in that part of the brain shows its effect in the thumb. Fingers slightly curved inwards towards the palm, denote persons slow to grasp an idea, or a subject, but such people have retentive memories and “hold” or grip, as it were, any one thing they may take up.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Such persons I have always found possess greater intensity of purpose than any other, but I have never found it a very happy mark to possess.

Cheiro was literally handed many concessions which he sold to interested parties for a hefty gain. If the Line of Influence is very strong where it joins the Fate Line, and if at about the same date a clear Marriage Line is seen on the Mount of Mercury, the date of marriage may be more accurately predicted by the place on the Fate Line where the Influence Palmistrj joins it.