Chrono Cross is 4 disks back in the day, thanks in part to the cut scenes. In PSX alone, CC cant beat valkyrie profile, suikoden, legend of legaia, legend of. Guys tell me i just want to know if you understand your own logic correctly. So emulation of Chrono Cross on PSX emulator is illegal if you don’t have the. Результаты поиска для chrono-cross-gameplay видео. Chrono Cross (PS1) – EPISODIO 1 – PlayStation || Let´s Play / Guía en Español 1 лет назад.

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As for the Steam port, it may eventually happen, but it will likely get the same treatment as Final Fantasy IX: You know how it goes. Crashed Ver perfil Ver mensajes. I simply don’t care if you do. To be honest, I preferred the original game i. SerafieAD Ver perfil Ver mensajes. Crashed Ver perfil Ver mensajes. A Dirty Fart Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

As I said, do what you want. Publicado originalmente chronno Edward Elric:. I can see that Chrono cross’d get a port sooner than the legends above.

Chrono cross ps1

Algunos datos geoespaciales de este sitio web se obtienen de geonames. King David Ver perfil Ver mensajes. Just because you haven’t been banned, it doesn’t mean that it’s not forbidden. Chrono cross is a good game.


SterlingStar Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

I would like it but Cross has never been pzx off the Playstation before. The ToS clearly states that any discussions of piracy Including console emulators will result in a permanent ban. The rule was made for formality. Chrono Cross is a fantastic game and I had a lot of fun playing it over 15 years ago, but I wouldn’t consider it the greatest game ever.

Zero Ver perfil Ver mensajes. Todos los derechos reservados. Get Judased Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

It’s how most people roll But yeah, seeing this trend. I’m just warning to be nice and since people doubt me, I had to give evidence. Mostrando 16 – 30 de 70 comentarios.

Inicio Discusiones Workshop Mercado Retransmisiones. EnclosureHD Ver perfil Ver mensajes. Allow custom resolution for original 4: We all know nobody would stop doing what they do anyway Your backseat moderating won’t really change anything to this fact.

Edward Elric Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

Chrono Cross :: CHRONO TRIGGER Discusiones generales

Not pxx backseat mod and not reporting anyone for discussing emulators. I made this question looking for a legal way to play Chrono Cross and again thanks to SE stupidity find there is no legal route at all and am forced to depend on none legal solutions.

Publicado originalmente por Dr. Jimmeh Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

chrono cross gameplay видео Видео

It really sucks in so many ways I want to collect the skeleton again! I have no issues at all with paying Square Enix for their work but in many cases there is simply no way to do that.


Publicado originalmente por Avalith:. Publicado originalmente por Cowkiller:. Not every bullies get banned for harassment, it’s about the same. Maybe you should inform yourself about the said fact before you talk. Mostrando 16 – 30 de 35 comentarios.

For example in England Chrono Trigger was never released and the only way I ever got to play the game was through a friend who had an imported US version. Chrono Cross felt ok but once I got that “true ending” it was taking all of my will not to throw the game in the trash. Next, the reason they banned people for talking about emulators is, as explained, because they see them as tools for piracy and apparently, they don’t want users to even mention what is related to that.

Edward Elric Ver perfil Ver mensajes.

Algunos datos geoespaciales de este sitio web se obtienen de geonames. Final Fantasy 9 was already released on the PC, but good troll.