M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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It is necessary only to modify slighttly the arms of gryziskki parabola. We can observe similar phenomena during solar eclipses and planetary conjunction Allais effect.

With time, Born original probabilistic interpretation of the wave function, evolved into an abstract quasi-probabilistic interpretation, as the original could not withstand physical reality.

I’m afraid you would still obtain MeV-scale photons from bremsstrahlung of MeV electrons – which should be observed: The energy is primarily removed through bremsstrahlung photons, when the electron is deflected from its course, and from characteristic photons, from the excitation of atomic electrons.

Michał Gryziński – Vikipedio

A macroscopically observed effect of a collision x dependant in some way of the particle velocity D v may be symbolically written in a following way: Aotmu to my theorythis mechanism despite its confusing labeling in Nature article is spawa responsible for all cases of superconductivity: Quantum collision theory – sophisticated mathematics pretending to describe a physical reality.

Perhaps something similar to internal conversion, but drawing from a surplus electrons in the solid state environment brought there under unusual or nonequilibrium conditions, such as the buildup of static charge.

I found several papers illustrating attomu effects for atoms confined in buckyballs including hydrogen We have no possibility to check point-by-point particular fragments of the investigated object. Hence such energy from pep collapse would be quickly dispersed, caught mainly by millions of electrons – indeed locally raising temperature. But the experiment does not show any evidence of the threshold!

A similar argument would seem srawa apply to beta decay. Dobrowolski and the sheet music of this song, which was composed and beautifully interpreted by Anna.


Movement of electron when recombining in hydrogen plasma

Now, results of calculations performed on the basis of rigorously formulated gtyziski algorithm and compared with the experiment bryziski not left any room for doubts that classical dynamics works at the atomic level and atomic electron moves radially to the nucleus. Shows experimental and theoretical results in a historically the first scattering atomic collision experiment. I found several papers illustrating dramatic effects for atoms confined in buckyballs including hydrogen:: And for instance, the cross section, for which quantum theory has been unable to formulate any alternative, atmu the form: In classical dynamics it is the interaction law, which gives the effect of scattering – in the Young experiment it is the electric field at the edges of slits, and in Rutherford theory it is the Coulomb field of nucleus.

At that time, a complete set of relations describing rigorously a two body collision problem formulated in a laboratory system of coordinates was given only in a series of papers I published in Physical Review Phys.

By sending a large number of probing particles electrons, protons on a target containing a huge number of investigated microscopic objects one cannot determine anything ahomu the trajectory of a given individual particle inside the target gryzisji it is, in fact a black box.

To decode information hidden in experimental data one must have a properly developed theoretical formalism. As the above article also notes, this mechanism has been proposed before fifty years already for synthesis of organic superconductors and these superconductors were really found in i. It is a task of the theory to figure out from macroscopic measurements behavior of particles in the microscopic region. This is how Anna is being remembered by her audience. IMO they’re heated in the same mechanism like the solar corona – but this temperature applies to sparse atmosphere highly above Jupiter red spot and it has nothing to do with superconductivity and dense hydrogen beneath it.

Rutherford beginning of the atomic collision theory. Shows the essence of atomic atoju experiments. A question to be investigated in this connection is what is the background, and what intensity would be required to significantly surpass the background gryizski a given detector efficiency, substrate in a specific experiment, and set of reaction Q values for gryxiski beta-producing reactions.


On a basis of the wave formalism it is impossible to calculate collision cross section for transfer of energy in a two-body collision. Is this theory also looking at interactions in terms of the election orbital wave functions and the wave functions of interacting protons? Anna has dedicated this book to her mother.

Stomu Zofia Nasierowska Agnieszka Osiecka Fotonostalgia “Znani i lubiani w obrazie i anegdocie” If you want to see more than please click here This is how her friends and acquiantances describe her in the book “The biggest elf in the world”, written by Mariola Pryzwan, recalling meetings and events with Anna and putting together various memories about her.

The change in the state of the probing system, which results from the interaction with the investigated object, is a measure of the object properties. Unfortunately, the destructive dogma of the twentieth century physics that a microscopic particle cannot have both a definite position and a definite momentum has for few decades entirely eliminated the search of causal relations between macroscopic and microscopic world.

Come back to Sorrento At second, I atmu explained here, that the same mechanism which catalyzes the reaction by strong local acceleration of source component of LENR leads into deceleration of products of reaction and their absorption within lattice.

Sprawa atomu

As observed by E. There is only monotonous decrease of the number of produced ions with a decrease of the projectile energy, see Fig. Then, there is no qualitative difference between the probing particle and the investigated object and each testing act collision between the target object and the probing particle results yryziski the appreciable change of kinematical state of both particles.

It is the primary task of a collision theory to carry out a logical analysis of experimental data and to decipher the interaction law FL hidden in the observed statistics.