I have designed my pattern by looking at many, many pictures online, to get a good idea of what a gambeson should look like. I have looked at other people’s. Posted: Sat 13 Feb, am Post subject: Choice of Gambeson patterns Reply with quote. Hi, I’m preparing to do a suit of mid-late 15th Century armor. Period Pattern ™ No Medieval Military Garments. Includes 3 gambesons, two with optional pockets for plates inside the skirt; 4 surcoats (including a cyclas );.

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It appears that multi-layered padding was worn as sole armour, and padding under armour was probably stuffed or a mixture of gamebson and layered. A heavily stuffed, or heavily used padding with almost certainly burst a few tubes at some point. It was a type of light armour, worn underneath chainmail, or as main armour by poorer warriors.

The edges are topstitched around the perimeter of the garment to ensure durability. Basically pattern this in the same way leaving an opening at the elbow and armpit. After the outer shell is assembled, the padding is put together and then carefully pinned and gzmbeson to the outer shell.

Now, that I have out the three pieces together, they looked like this: The padded shoulders appear to be a substitute for armor. I had actually been considering the padded shoulder version shown in the Reconstructing History link; a photo of that style with a brigandine is here: At the top edge of the elbow pad, I sew a leather strap, sort of like a gambson belt loop.

Now you have 8 Torso pieces 4 Front and 4 back its time to sew the channels and the edges, Do not sew all edges as you need access between the layers to stuff the wool. The arm openings will be slightly smaller in the back to cover the back of the shoulder. Although late medieval garments sometimes have separable sleeves, all the earlier examples seem to have either no sleeves or integral sleeves.


The only way to replace the stuffing is to cut the tube open on the inside of the garment, insert more padding, and sew it up again. Then from the center back, measure along the outside of the arm to the elbow and the wrist. Similar considerations apply to shaping padded garments as do normal ones.

It will also determine how much of a nuisance it is to make, how much it costs, and how much maintainance it needs. I have done gambesons without elbow pads on request, though there is paattern discount for skipping this step.

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Very narrow tubes are much harder to stuff. When it comes to washing my gambeson, I use cold water on a gentle cycle. Mediaeval Miscellanea has been making Period Pavilions for over 35 years.

These garments go well with capes from Period Pattern no. There is also greater freedom of movement, without any restrictions on your arms. I am considering purchasing it from Aleksey Perebeynos. What happens is that the thread used to sew the tube breaks, and the gameson in the two tubes next to one another merge together.


Info Favorites Register Log in. The reason why I spaced my straps wide apart was twofold.

Jan van Eyk’s heroic armor for St. Find out what you can do. Standing straight up, reach your arms forward slightly as if placing your hands on a waist high counter.

Create account or Sign in. It is also easy to tell the facing and the outer shell patterm, as the double stitching only shows on one side of the piece.


Underarm gussets do not seem to be shown, or for that matter side gussets. It takes about a day in the California heat to dry it out, your local climate may affect that. The one depicted in Brian R. Certainly padded gambesons are around by Hastings on the continent as armour on their own right.

There’s a lot of change in fashion between In my view, under mail, which is what is appropriate for our period, stuffed gambesons are preferable to layered. For an overview of the historical evidence for armour in our period, see our Armour Overview page. We design, make, and sell traditional pavilions, colorful and decorated, as well as a line of faux buildings: Close up of the arming points stitched on at shoulders, without ties, note the color coordinating for the parti color.

Remember, to check the fit of the garment at each stage of making, so that you can make necessary adjustments. Congratulations your mockups are complete time to start on the real thing.

Guide to Padded kit – Wikiwood

I left about 5mm of hanging edge, for stitching the pieces together later gabmeson. I did mine after instead, because my stripes were spaced wide apart, thus creating no shrinkage on the material. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If gussets are used it is hard to see how they would be padded.