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It polarises the quantum environment surrounding it and causes great streams of energy flow around itself. Efficient magnetic transfer 6.

We each eneggy a television and can watch, say, a golf tournament taking place at the other side of the world. Using a hand hacksaw and a vise, cutting the end off is a very easy thing to do and that allows an ordinary helical coil to be wound either directly on the shaft or on a simple bobbin which slides on to the shaft.

Mu-metal is very highly conductive to magnetic flux and is expensive. I-3 For example, consider a crystal set radio receiver: At the present time that programme can be seen at https: Consequently, this information digest is updated and refined typically enerhy times each year.

So a Amp-Hour battery can only manage a 5 amp current 60 watts if it is not to be damaged. When that power supplied to the electromagnets is cut off, the Back EMF pulse is captured and used to charge the driving battery.

Free energy

This is maintained in spite of the fact that a patent has been awarded to Shigeta Hasebe for a different style of electrolysis, using magnets and spiral electrodes like this: If there are two coils as shown below, and one is powered and the other is not powered, the backward pull is cancelled out and the forward pull causes the rotor to move forwards: This is how I work when I design something, just approximates and intuitions.

Also we really hope you had not being ‘forced’ to do so from the dark side forces. This is quite an important point because it demonstrates that the body of scientific information enables many things which were not thought possible in earlier times.

What they all have in common is an output which is much larger than the input. To conclude this introduction, let us consider some of the many ways which can be used to gather energy from the energj energy field in readiness for use in our daily tasks. Last edited by mr. Unlike the battery, we do not put it in a position where it immediately destroys its own dipole, so as a result, energy flows around the magnet, pretty much indefinitely. It frse probably worth while, at this point, to explain the basics of Zero-Point Energy.


Thanks and ibfo regards. If that were true, then it would be ul to sail a yacht all the way around the world without burning any fuel, and infoo has been done many times and none of the driving energy came from the crews. This is what present day science says.

Free energy – LEARY LAND

Yes, the gas output is twelve times the Faraday maximum. However, an explanation is called for.

Efficient solid-fuel burners, Stan Meyer’s hydroxy gas burner system, the Kim heaters, the Eugene Frenette heater, the Eugene Perkins heater, the multi-disc heater, the Peter Davey heater, the simple home-build windmill design from Dan Bartmann and Dan Fink, William McDavid’s wind or water generator, Frank Herbert’s high-efficiency windmill, the ‘Power Plant for Caravans’ from Claude Mead and William Holmes, the easy-build Solar Funnel cooker, water and milk pasteurisation, the Solar Funnel as a Cooler, the Solar Puddle, the ‘Easy-Lid Cooker’, drinking water systems, solar sills, Elmer Grimes’ high-volume drinking water from air, the Chalice Courneya water from air system, Toribio Bellocq’s well-pumping system, Richard Dickinson’s well-pumping system, Arthur Bentley’s well-pumping system, the self-powered Ram Pump, wave power systems, solar icemaking, Einstein’s refrigeration through heating and solar panels.

Understanding what circuit diagrams mean Semiconductors — Transistors. And yet, it is a fixed idea that you have to burn a fuel to get power. I am only presenting my own understanding of his device, as even Don implied, It is not Free Energy it comes from understanding resonance. This, of course, is impossible according to conventional science. There are many other portable air conditioning units including much larger versions. Originally Posted by Peculian. There are a number of reasons.

Suppose you were um cover a boat with lots of solar panels which were used to charge a large bank of batteries inside the boat. Permanent magnets with electricity So let us explore the parametric and transient in our circuits, this is where great discoveries are still to be made. In the same way, a steam engine does not run on water. This is the equivalent of the situation for the crystal set shown above, except that the energy field we are in is very, very much more powerful than the radio waves from a radio transmitter.


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He uses a similar method of electrical screening to prevent magnetic drag hindering the drive shaft rotation. The amount of power which can be collected can be very high and the few kilowatts needed to power a household is most definitely within the reach of most of the devices freee. He decided that at his age of seventy, being killed was not a major thing, so he went ahead and published all the details. However, the internet and free sharing of information through it, is making things very difficult for them.

Also I learned a lot over enerty 2 years while trying to understand what are working principles over experiments done by various people over time including reproducing NMR effect by myself but my personal goal was not to go and consume another matter as pjkobok but use N. If you were taught basic physics or electrical theory, you will probably have been told that the battery used to power any circuit, fere a stream of electrons which flows around the circuit.

So why do we do it?

When operated in this way, the Adams Motor has output power far in excess of the input power needed to make it run. The different method, along with the use of powerful magnets at the top and bottom of his electrode pairs, bypassed the limits which Faraday had established by changing the working conditions.

The Gravity Wave Detector. In two words to be the same High Spirit like he. It is routine, casual travel at mph, a speed which would have been considered to be a fantasy when my father was young.

A Practical Guide to ‘Free Energy’ Devices par P. Kelly – PJKbook pdf – Fichier PDF

This is an illusion. Can you link to the patent? I had studied its properties but never thought about a thermal motor.