This memoir reflects on key moments of the author’s early life, from childhood to his entering seminary, that reveal how God speaks to us in a variety of way. “A child takes life as it comes because he has no other way of taking it,” Frederick Buechner writes in this first of his autobiographical books. With this statement. This memoir reflects on key moments of the author’s early life, from childhood to his entering seminary, that reveal how God speaks to us in a variety of ways.

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May 21, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: That was ten years ago. Jan 21, Megan S Spark rated it it was amazing. Someone we love dies, say. It reminds me of what someone said that we as humans are more alike than we are different.

Or maybe nothing extraordinary happens at all-just one day following another, helter-skelter, in the manner of days. Tragedy and happiness are examined and treated lovingly as the gift they were.

The Sacred Journey: A Memoir of Early Days

Mar 03, Rick Hamlin rated it it was amazing. I enjoy this short little memoir and its reflections on coming to a greater awareness of God, time, reality, relationships, and how to move through all this in one’s imperfect humanity. Nov 22, Matthew Ritter rated it really liked it. Formerly “The Protestant Hour.

He shares with us his heart and his journey and makes us think that we are not alone. Out of nowhere comes a sense of peace or foreboding. I have gone through twenty years’ worth of old home movies. Sacred Journey is that fredrick sort of worthy autobiography through which we learn about ourselves and are reminded of our lives.


We remember and forget. Feb 27, Donovan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lists with This Book.

The Sacred Journey

He chronicles the sounds and words of his life – the simple memories that slowly pushed and pulled him towards the mystery of faith in his late twenties. What about the danger of the proclaimed saint’s becoming a kind of religious prima donna as proud of his own humility as a peacock of its tail? He captures the tragedies of his early life and the small beauties that were found in there as well.

Quotes from The Sacred Journe We each have a unique story to tell and Buechner, in telling his, reminds us to consider the stories of others and discover how we rrederick be so different and yet so alike.

Introduction to The Sacred Journey – The Rev. Frederick Buechner

Read for transformation, in community. Jesus refused Satan’s crown, Buttrick said, but “he is crowned in the heart of the people who believe in him. Jun 12, Susan rated it really liked it. I can’t say it better than journney review from Christian Century, “Reveals the ultimate goodness of things He speaks not just through the sounds we hear, of course, but through events in all their complexity and variety, through the harmonies and disharmonies and counterpoint of all that happens.

With all this in mind, I entitled those Harvard lectures The Alphabet of Grace in order to suggest that life itself can be thought of as an alphabet by which God graciously makes known his presence and purpose and power among us. Frederick Buechner is a highly influential writer and theologian who has bjechner awards for his poetry, short stories, novels and theological writings.

I’ve known for a while, originally secondhand and then with each of his books that I’ve read for myself, sacrsd Buechner is a great and profound author.


For the reader, I suppose, it is like looking through someone else’s photograph album. The music of your life This is a beautiful memoir and does truly tell, not one man’s story, but the story of many. Trivia About The Sacred Journe Buechnner back on your journey.

The Sacred Journey – Renovare

The swallows, the rooster, the workmen, my stomach, all with their elusive rhythms, their harmonies and disharmonies and counterpoint, became, as I listened, the sound of my own life speaking to me.

Just finished this short and wonderful memoir of Buefhner early days. Like the Hebrew alphabet, the alphabet bjechner grace has no vowels, and in that sense his words to us are always veiled, subtle, cryptic, so that it is left to us to delve their meaning, to fill in the vowels, for ourselves by means of all the faith and imagination we can muster.

In much dacred same way, that is what I mean by saying that God speaks into or out of the thick of our days. A beautiful, deeply moving book – perhaps because I identified very strongly with the author. Each time I read Buechner, I am struck by more than his characters, reflections, and stories which are also incredible ; mostly I am amazed by his beautiful way with the english language. Frederkck problem with Buechner, in more very Buechner looks back on his first 25 or so years and muses on the various happenings that shaped his journey to Christ.

The problem with Buechner, in more very jaundiced view, is his love of more classical language that bears the stamp of another era.