Absolute Maximum Ratings. The “Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which the safety of the device cannot be guaranteed. The device should . Fairchild µA description. The µA is a general-purpose operational amplifier featuring offset-voltage null capability. The high common-mode input voltage. uA Frequency-compensated operational amplifier. Other names for this product: , A, uA,. Courtesy/Thanks to: Fairchild Semiconductors.

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This is why short circuit protection is provided. Therefore, its absolute value is listed in the datasheet.

When I was a teen back in the 60’s: By changing the POT value, the output offset voltage can be reduced to 0V. I’m bookmarking THIS blog! Structure of a PNP transistor in the op amp. In this post, we will be discussing about the IC, one of the most popularly used op-amp IC. Input Bias Current of op-amp IC.

The steady state response does not depend on time and transient response is time invariant. Interactive chip viewer The die photo and schematic below are interactive. Output Resistance is the equivalent resistance that is measured between the output terminal Pin 6 and Ground.

In theory, the dc output voltage will be zero if both the inputs of the IC are connected to the ground.

The photo below shows one of the output transistors. This method is usually carried out to know the degree of matching between the inverting and non-inverting terminals. Transistor matching is very important: The 25pF capacitor in the has a very small value but takes up a large fraction of the chip’s area.

In the pinch resistor, a layer of N silicon on top makes the conductive region much thinner i. You may also like: A common use of a current mirror is to replace resistors. Characteristics of transient response includes rise time and percent of overshoot.


The photo below shows two resistors in the op amp, formed using different techniques. The output transistors must support 25mA, compared to microamps for the internal transistors. Below that is a P layer connected to the base contact B. Microscopic images of technology. But if it goes too high, the feedback circuit pulls it lower.

The op amp is one of the most famous and popular ICs [1] with hundreds of millions sold since its invention in by famous IC designer Dave Fullagar.

If the collector voltages are different, the Early effect will cause the currents to be different. The main drawback of capacitors on ICs is they are physically very large. After opening the transistor cases and seeing how tiny the actual die was, it makes perfect sense that tiny circuits could be made from these.

The response portion where a fixed value is attained right before the output is called transient response.

This page was last edited on 1 Marchat The range through which the POT is varied to get the input offset voltage is the offset voltage adjustment range. Nobody would knowingly connect the output of the op-amp to the ground.

File:Fairchild uA741 opamp 6920.jpg

I think it’s the only time I have seen visual evidence that electronics really works at a physical level. Die for the op amp, showing the main fairchid units. In this case, the current is set by the resistor. Do you know how RFID wallets work and how to make one yourself?

uA Frequency-compensated operational amplifier by Fairchild Semiconductors

But, this simple addition has made fairchid IC evergreen in the electronics world and is still manufactured by different companies in different versions and specifications, and is made recognizable by faifchild the famous number in the series.


Before explaining the ‘s circuit, I’ll first give a brief overview of the current mirror and differential pair circuits. The whitish-yellow areas are the metal layer of the chip on top of the silicon – these form the wires connecting to the collector, emitter, and base.

Symbol and oversimplified structure of an NPN transistor. Transient response is inversely proportional to the unity gain bandwidth of op-amp. Your cell phone uses op amps for filtering and amplifying audio signals, camera signals, and the broadcast cell signal.

For IC, this value is 25mA. The slew rate of an op-amp is always fixed. The 25 microchips article estimates that s sold in the hundreds of millions – I might have guessed even higher. The manufacturers advise not to exceed these maximum ratings even under the worst operating conditions. Click components in the die photo or schematic [15] to firchild the chip, and a description will be displayed below.

This is the job of the differential pair. With considerable fzirchild I’ve moved all the images off Picasaweb to Amazon S3, cairchild hopefully will be more reliable and won’t ua7441 my links. The different brown and purple colors are regions of silicon that has been doped differently, forming N and P regions. In this article, I look at the silicon die for thediscuss how it works, and explain how circuits are built from silicon.

This simplifies the circuit design and minimizes the number of components used. The photo below shows one of the transistors in the as it appears on the chip.