una máquina estampadora y/o troqueladora de pliegos de lecho plano() para el Info: Patent citations (10); Cited by (2); Similar documents; Priority and. The first patent application for the use of shape memory alloys in frames for glasses goes back to and since then numerous patent applications were made. Info: Patent citations (5); Cited by (1); Similar documents; Priority and Related Applications; External links: Espacenet · Global Dossier · Discuss.

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At the same time the ball patwnte is arranged, under prestress, p. Al aumentar el grado de esfuerzo que, en una cierta medida, es lo mismo que reducir la temperatura en el caso anteriorla martensita comienza a formarse en la muestra.

The deformation process, described in the present invention, allows to obtain a material with superelastic properties which can be considered ideal for an economic production of frames for glasses. Method for the separate rejection of defective items, in particular strip packages, during transferring from a packaging line to a conveying line.

Instead of the die estamladora separation of copies, the lifting tool ppatente De esta manera se puede aprovechar de manera flexible p. Entre las dos secciones de cuerpo de prensa 3, 4 se encuentra el macho de prensa 5 con una zona de prensado 6.

ES2292892T3 – Press or punch. – Google Patents

Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the drive devices 7, 8 are arranged in the two sections press frame 3, 4. In addition to the elements shown already in Figure 1, this side has, analogously to the right side explained for Figure 2, a carriage motor 46 and with a primary 47 part and a secondary part 48 on the side of the carriage motor 4 facing the press ram 5, a second carriage motor 49 with a primary part 50 and secondary part 51 on the side of the carriage motor Z 14 and carriage guide 52, 53 remote from the press ram 5.

Figure 5 shows a schematic representation of the press of Figure 1. This can be arranged in particular below the transport system spreads the processing station, so that a sheet of respective sample is transported by the transport system of sheets to output specifications shown and there can be released.

In practice prestressed guide rollers are used, which is achieved for all trucks a small friction and a high rigidity guide. It may also be advantageous that the carriage motor is connected to the guide rail via a coupling device.

  KX DT390 PDF

In an advantageous development of the invention the holding device can be formed by the guide rails extending in a direction transverse to the stroke direction of the press ram and between the two press frame portions.

Furthermore, it may be advantageous that a carriage palnos is fixedly connected with the guide rail, because thanks to it continues to increase stiffness.

Estammpadora drive 23, 24 protrude through the opening 21 and right guide rails 27 and 28 through the opening 22 left. Process for the production of a superelastic material out of a pateente and titanium alloy.

Estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 segun la reivindicacion 3, caracterizada porque en cuanto al por lo menos un accionamiento se trata de un cilindro neumatico In this way you can further improve the transfer of workpieces. Estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 segun una de las reivindicaciones anteriores, caracterizada por que la estacion de procesamiento 4 presenta una salida 25 de pliegos de muestra.

In other words the lifting tool is raised.

In the cutting station 3 is expelled down the pieces of waste 11 of sheet 6 not necessary with the help of tools trimmers 21, 23, whereby the waste pieces 11 fall into a container 12 of carriage type introduced below the station. The tests were conducted at temperatures of, 0, 30 and Las dos mesas estan equipadas con herramientas de corte y estriado o The two tables are equipped with cutting tools and striated or.

Because it can be operated with the most dynamic X axis travel has the highest relative to other axes. Con ello se puede formar, de manera sencilla, un dispositivo de agarre. The table top 10 is mounted so that it can reciprocate vertically and is provided with blades estampacion blades and striatum.

Para ello tras la elevacion y antes de un nuevo descenso de la herramienta elevable son procesados varios pliegos en la estacion de estampado y transportados hasta la salida de pliegos de muestra. Puesto que los productos finales pueden ser envases 15 sofisticados en cuanto a la realizacion tecnica y grafica por ejemplo, envases para cosmetica, cigarrillos, farmacia, productos alimenticios, etc.

Packaging materials of paper, paperboard, cardboard or corrugated board is mainly stamped in the sheet format. Now the press ram 5 march down and shaped workpieces. En un perfeccionamiento ventajoso la estacion de procesamiento posee una salida de pliegos de muestra que puede estar realizada por ejemplo como cajita o bandeja de recogida. Desde el punto d It is quite difficult to provide a detailed explanation of the mechanism that provides shape memory alloys their unusual mechanical properties, but simple mention is made and an illustration in Figure 1.


Thanks to this type of construction can be structured even more compact. This makes it possible to overcome, with favorable costs, comparatively large forces with a comparatively small linear drive.

As is apparent to those skilled in the art, the manufacture of frames for glasses involves numerous plastic deformation passages in order to obtain the final shape. No previous research study has provided information on how to properties of superelasticity alloys with shape memory NiTi. If, to take the workpieces, too large forces arise, the ball 45, which is arranged by pretension, for example by a spring, not shown, slides out of the receiving devices 43, 44, which trucks guide 40, 41, 52, 53 are separated carts motor 34, 37, 46, La estacion estampadora 2 esta constituida por una platina inferior, una llamada mesa inferior 9, y una platina superior, una llamada mesa superior The transverse axis with respect to the stroke direction of the press ram 5 and transverse to the length of imaginary connection between body sections press 3, 4 is designated in what comes to as Y axis axis parallel to the imaginary connecting line between the press frame portions 3, 4 is designated hereinafter axis X.

Processing station 3, 4 according to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the processing station 4 has an outlet 25 of sheets sample. Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, wherein the guiding device has a secondary part 16, 18, 36, 39, 48, 51, 57, 63 of the linear drive. Also practices exercised in subsequent processing, such as stamping punch, removing corners and stamping of records 10 are in this field.

Grabado y corte de cuero con láser

A recognized limitation of these alloys, however, lies in their poor elasticity. Alternativamente, se pueden montar en la unidad de accionamiento planoss asimismo accionamientos lineales. Con ello se posibilita de forma ventajosa que incluso cuando deba ser extraido un pliego de muestra, el accionamiento de la estacion de procesamiento pueda quedar acoplado al accionamiento principal de todas las estaciones de procesamiento de la maquina estampadora.

The secondary parts 39, 36, 48, 51 are subject to the rails 19, Also advantageous may eestampadora demonstrated, with at least one of the actuators, the holding device can move transversely with respect to an imaginary line connecting sections handling.