The Cluetrain Manifesto is a work of business literature collaboratively authored by Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, and David Weinberger. It was. El manifiesto Cluetrain: el ocaso de la empresa convencional [RICK # LOCKE, CHRISTOPHER # LEVINE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. El manifiesto Cluetrain: El ocaso de la empresa convencional (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by AA. VV.. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device.

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Companies make a religion of security, but this is largely a red herring. This is an Open Source document. Now, what can we do to make sure you use it against Them and not against Us? Same old tone, same old lies.

The Cluetrain Manifesto — Entire Text Index Page

Learning to speak with a human couetrain is not a parlor trick. That would get your name around better than your entire million dollar web site. Maybe you’re impressing Wall Street. Optimizing the Internet for one purpose de-optimizes it for all others. Personal privacy is fine for those who want it. Apps are about control.

When we have questions we turn to each other for answers. Command and control are met nanifiesto hostility by intranetworked knowledge workers and generate distrust in internetworked markets. We have better things to do than worry about whether you’ll change in time to get our business. Archived from the original on May 8, All trolls, out of the pool!


We will very soon. Read the entire original book online for free. Your corporate strategy makes no sense.

The Cluetrain Manifesto – Wikipedia

But learning to speak in a human voice is not some trick, nor will corporations convince us they are human with lip service about “listening to customers. We’ve got some ideas for you too: But it would be a big mistake to think we’re holding our breath.

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We understand that these conversations are incredibly valuable to you. Make it something interesting for a change. Don’t worry, you can still make money. From us and from what we have built on it does the Internet derive all its value. If they blow it, it cluerain be their last chance. When corporate intranets are not constrained by fear and legalistic rules, the type of conversation they encourage sounds remarkably like the conversation of the networked marketplace.

It’s something between the noise of a rocket leaving the launchpad and the rip of Velcro as you undo a too-tight garment.

People of earth…

So if you’re inviting people over for a swim, post the rules. People of Earth, remember. Mostly, they need to get out of the way so intranetworked employees can converse directly with internetworked markets.

The Internet like gravity is indiscriminate in its attraction. These networked conversations are enabling powerful new forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge.

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Today, the org chart is hyperlinked, not eo. We know they’re coming down. The Cluetrain Manifesto 10 Years Later”.

If we had a solution, we wouldn’t be bothering you with all these damn clues. The stakes are even higher.

About Fifteen years ago, four of us got together and posted The Cluetrain Manifesto which tried to explain what most businesses and much of the media were getting wrong about the Web. Anyone can improve it. The Internet is not made of copper wire, glass fiber, radio waves, or even tubes.

Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. But we are organizing faster than they are. As with networked markets, people are also talking to each other directly inside the company — and not just about rules and regulations, boardroom directives, cletrain lines. We want to talk to you. They should be applauded for that. We want you to pay attention. Not the governments of the Earth nor their Trade Associations have the consent of the networked to bestride the Net as sovereigns.

Ouch, a cheap shot! Long live the open Internet. Ok, government, you win.