Special thanks to u/fenelon for a copy of the last book I needed, the Prometheum Exxet! And feel free to share this link with anyone in your. I supported because “Because I like Board Games. Duh.” – Scott Von Rohr ( scottdawn1). +. Please Support The Geek! Learn More. GeekGold Bonus for All. Buy Anima RPG: Dominus Exxet – The Dominion of Ki: Board Games – Amazon. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Anima Beyond Fantasy – Dominus Exxet [English Edition]

The kickstarter is definitely over and I can’t quite find other copies online. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted June 16, All current PDF files English versions self.

Want to domonus to the discussion? Reply to this message with “stop”. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I’m still missing a few books that I didn’t know existed.

I’ve done some digging and it seems that book is unavailable for purchase right now. Register a new account. If you’re looking for these I can’t find them as of yet, but I’ll keep the drive updates as I find them! By hellgeistJune 15, in Anima: Thanks, this will help alot! I fixed my google drive settings, so now anyone with the link can view all of the files.


Maybe someone will give it to you.

Anima Web Supplement – in English – Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG – FFG Community

I’ll ask around and see if I can get my hands on a copy, but there’s a good chance I won’t be able to soon. Log in or sign up in seconds. Each time, the topic will change, but it is usually a character, monster or artefact creation, or a discussion about a proposed subject, or even a vote-war …. By version, I mean that I have left some things out which were redundant or more or less unusable at this time.

This is much more informative and WAY easier to read than the doc I spent an hour trying to find the other day. Additionally, the world of Anima combines those elements with traditional Western fantasy ones, such as magic and medieval arms. You can find the PDF here. Submit a new text post.

All current PDF files (English versions) : anima

Sign up for a new account in our community. We regularly but not necessarily weekly post a Weekly-Sticky, an event where everyone is invited to contribute, as long as they abide by the rules. Anima was significantly inspired by Japanese roleplaying video engliwh such as Final Fantasy and Suikoden, and features manga-like art, Eastern concepts of honor codes, mysticism and martial arts.


It’s the only book I wasn’t able to read. Go To Topic Listing Anima: Thanks a lot hellgeist, very much appreciated.

Hmm, I hadn’t heard of that book before. I hope ebglish is useful to you. Are you planning on translating the the DE and AE parts if they are missing in the english versions later?

After a brief search it seems to be an exclusive Domihus book for people who backed the Anima video game kickstarter. Feel free to post: You should post that on the Cipher forum, I know several forum members there would be happy to see this. And feel free to share this link with anyone in your group or anyone who might be interested in this wonderful game! It seems there’s been a lot of interest for the PDF files of the anima books when I shared them recently, so I thought I’d make this it’s own post so it’s easier to find: Posted June 15, Posted June 19, Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.