André Gernez (25 January – 8 January ) was a French non- conventional Décès du docteur André Gernez – Egalite et Réconciliation (in French). 11 janv. Français: André Gernez, né le 25 janvier à Avesnes-les-Aubert (Nord), est un docteur en médecine, cancerologue, radiologue et. André Gernez, né le 25 janvier à Avesnes-les-Aubert et mort le 8 janvier De à , le docteur André Gernez vient travailler à Lille comme chef de.

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Statistics show that the world record non-cancerous are held by groups of people who distinguish themselves by a record periods acidosis, regardless of origin: Food intake can be more than enough if we had a permanent use of products that are rich of it.

Doctuer topic Cambrai French pronunciation: Tratto da Wikipedia f Zinc Zinc is a chemical element with atomic number Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, established cause of death, reference.

Nathaniel Gernez

Metallothioneins MTs are a family of low molecular-weight proteins that are silenced during gfrnez cancer progression, mainly through epigenetic mechanisms, and this loss is associated with poor survival. Communes of Nord French department Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Zinc stimulates growth hormone IGF1 and testosterone, and high doses locks the protective role of selenium against prostate cancer. He established the fact that any animal without growth doctteur can’t have cancer.

The last day of the cure period is the direct destruction by anticancer drugsabnormal cells that could withstand the natural extinction when the cell is restored habitat in a status that does not lend itself to survive.


Given the important role of this catalyst for healthy cells prevalence over cancer cells, it is necessary to ensure adequate fixation in the body. According to Gernez, the process would be simple, quick and free: Carla Bocchetti 29 Aug, A cancer in formation is 5 or 6 times at the risk of being destroyed by the annual cures and this is a very wide safety margin.

Courtial was born in Paris. Another selenium-containing enzyme in some plants and in animals thioredoxin reductase generates reduced thioredoxin, a dithiol that serves as an electron source for peroxidases and also the important reducing enzyme ribonucleotide reductase that makes DNA precursors from RNA precursors. The essential elements of the anti-cancer treatment are: From about Mya, freshwater and terrestrial plants slowly optimized the production of “new” endogenous antioxidants such as ascorbic acid Vitamin Cpolyphenols including flavonoidstocopherols, etc.

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Selenium is a component of the unusual amino acids selenocysteine and selenomethionine. The zinc constitutes parts of protein with zinc fingers and enzymes with antioxidant action such as superoxide dismutase, or with catalytic functions such as carbonic anhydrase, the alcohol dehydrogenase, and lactate dehydrogenase, enter in the constitution of at least 20 enzymes.

André Gernez – Wikimedia Commons

From an emigree librarian to a scientist Born in Hungary to a Jewish family, he survived the Holocaust and migrated with his family via Germany and Australia to the United States.

Non-governmental organizations Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The glutathione peroxidase family of enzymes GSH-Px catalyze certain reactions that remove reactive oxygen species such as hydrogen peroxide and organic hydroperoxides:.


Its symbol is Se. ATP adenosine triphosphatethe main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. From about three billion years ago, prokaryotic selenoprotein families drive the evolution of selenocysteine, an amino acid. Zinc ions also potently enhance Gerneez expression, and are also grrnez to cancer cells.

Correspondingly, we avoid anything that affects the oxygenation of the body, eg stay vitiated atmosphere or confined, smoking, sedentary lifestyle. To achieve this goal and the result effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer of all types, regardless of their location artery, brain, pancreas, lung, prostate, kidney, breast, etc.

Grenez feedback about Joseph Altman: However, these cells that can make do without oxygen ,replacing it by fermentationare cancer cells. In humans, selenium is a trace element nutrient that functions as cofactor for reduction of antioxidant enzymes, such as glutathione peroxidases and certain forms of thioredoxin reductase found in animals and some plants this enzyme occurs in all living organisms, but not all forms of it in plants require selenium.

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