by: Belizario Quispe, Nestor Published: (); Caracterización de tecnologías del cultivo de quinua (chenopodium quinoa willd.) Orgánica en la asociación de . Cobertura de Kudzu en plantaciones de palma – siembra y desarrollo. []. Villanueva Guerrero A. Guerra J.M.. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Ensaio de con sorel acHo de Kudzu tropical (Pueraria phaseoloides) em pastagens. Instituto de ( LOPEZ, A. Uso y cultivo del pasto gordura. Temas de.

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This result is probably a consequence of the fact that the higher the sowing rate is, the faster and better the soil is covered by kudzu plants, which are thus rendered more khdzu of suppressing the growth of the weeds.

The fertilizer was distributed without incorporation along a straight line with the assistance of manual equipment.

But, Linhares et al.

As for leaf fraction, macrotyloma showed the lowest NDF value Soil analysis, carried out days prior to planting, did not show need for soil acidity correction. Singly cultivated corn was considered the control treatment. Results reported by Heinrichs et al. Cereal species and forage plant intercropping systems have consistently been found to be highly beneficial both for soil characteristics and plant yields. The Matsuda for the donation of seeds of the species Macrotyloma axillare.

When the seeds were sown in furrows, the kudzu seeds were manually sown over the fertilizer. To a lesser extent, there is also the possibility of legumes having suffered with the allelopathic effect coming from the arborous community eucalyptus. The present study was thus undertaken based on the assumptions that kudzu and corn intercropping is 1 not harmful to the development of the corn plant, 2 capable of reducing weed infestation, 3 capable of providing the adequate amount of straw for the subsequent sowing of soybean, and 4 capable of improving the productive performance of soybean plants.

Conectivas lógicas

Results pointed differences in dry matter yield between the two treatments, evidencing mean values of 4, and 1, kg of DM ha -1 cut -1 for full sun and SPS cultivations, respectively. How to cite this article. A completely randomized design was adopted in factorial three legumes estilosanthes cv. Grain yield, the number of plants per plot, and the kudzi of ears per plant and by plot were evaluated at the end of the crop cycle April 10, It is worth highlighting that full sun legume yield was very satisfactory.


In addition to the amount of light hitting the SPS understory being reduced, the quality of luminosity that reaches the pasture of these systems suffers changes. Archivos de Zootecnia59 At 39 DAS Sthe number of soybean plants in each sub-plot was counted, and this value was used to calculate the number of plants per hectare.

During the growth of moderate damage crickets and worms on the leaves and trips damaged flowers. In general, field observations pointed some cultovo changes among vegetables cultivated in the SPS compared to the full sun treatment, cultjvo include elongated stems, increased leaf area and reduced number kuezu leaves per plant for forages cultivated under the shade.

The check treatment for these sowing procedures consisted of plots in which corn was singly cultivated. Additionally, culitvo assessment was performed in the middle of spring, that is, forage development happened more intensely during the winter, it is likely that the position of the sun during that period of the year has resulted in a different sun ray inclination.

The observations made at DAS K showed a linear reduction in weed infestation as the kudzu seed sowing rate increased Figure 3.

Colombo,bloco 40 CEP Tel. At 22 DAS Cthe corn plants received a side-dressed dose of 75 kg ha -1 of N provided by ammonium sulfate fertilizer. To Fapemig and Capes for financially supporting the project and granting scholarships. The samples were individually weighed, with the extraction of two subsamples: Forage mass yield was determined by the square method 1 m 2with 5 samples being randomly extracted from each of the experimental seedbeds.

Table 1 shows the data concerning the maximum and minimum temperatures, air relative humidity and precipitation during the period from December to April In this context, studies with less dense spacing, that is, lower shading level, should be conducted aimed at assessing the response of these tropical forage legumes in the SPSs. Moreover, other parameters such as biological nitrogen fixation, persistence of production and handling of the pasture in the silvopastoral system with legumes should be studied in order to elucidate the real potential of utilization of these forages in cattle farming-forest exploration.


The sowing was at Cambisols iron soil with four replicates per treatment. Campo Experimental China, Campeche. Results showed that tropical kudzu obtained a The data obtained in both phases of the experiment mudzu submitted to an analysis of variance and the F test.

To Seapa, State Minas Gerais, for providing agricultural inputs, and to the Agrocity company for donating eucalyptus seedlings. Such arguments justify the increment in NDF content of legumes cultivated under more intense shading conditions. Livestock Research for Rural Development 21 3 David R Murray editor.

Arachis pintoiCalopogonium mucunoidesStylosanthes spp. However, the degree of weed infestation DAS K was significantly influenced by the sowing rate Figure 3.

Gomez Galeano, Web site | Feedipedia

As for species effect in the whole plant, macrotyloma showed the highest NDF level Specific anatomical-physiological mechanisms are likely to be involved to promote better utilization of water by this vegetable.

Sowing used 30 seeds per linear meter. They observed that the corn yield was significantly affected only when the spacing between corn rows was 0.

Pastures are the main food for livestock in Brazil, with satisfactory constitution in nutrients, especially during rainy season, and lower cost when compared to other foods used for animal production. Acknowledgements To Fapemig and Capes for financially supporting the project and granting scholarships. Increment in CP values in vegetables cultivated under intense shading conditions has been reported in the literature Andrade et al.

The result of that reflects directly on the lower kdzu of light that hits the understory of kuxzu systems during this period of the year.