The Rohonc Codex is a Renaissance-era manuscript in an unknown script and Rohonczi Codex site has images of the Codex and a discussion. nota red: Pe acest site sint publicate toate cele file ale Codexului Rohonczi. Pastram numerotarea originala a Academiei de Stiinte a Ungariei. Astfel in. A facsimile edition of the Rohonc Codex, via Wikimedia Commons . or from obscure books, like Némethi Kálmán’s Rohonczi Codex.

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Follow KlausSchmeh Zum Weiterlesen: Izzy on 7 The Story in the Pictures…. Therefore, in an effort to please existing fans and perhaps find a wider audience, I am now endeavoring to fill the barren time span between the primary posts with these shorter Blind Roohonczi, in which I intend to further explore the most recent story I covered or briefly relate a somewhat peripheral story. This site uses cookies.

You could use the chart made by Nemethi Kalman. Vannak covex szent angyalok. The codex has paper pages 12×10 cmeach one having between 9 and 14 rows of symbols, which may or may not be letters.

Blind Spot: The Codex of Rohonc — Historical Blindness

At the end of these chapters there dohonczi some conclusions pertaining the drawings. I did not give up, though. They discovered some numbers, they could decode already some parts of the codex. This is the debut of a new interstitial series: He also dealt with the overall structure of the codex, showing that the chapter structure is not present in the first fourth of the book, partly because that part contains the long, continuous narration of the passion of Jesus Christ.

I profiled the author in Who Dunnit and determined the chronological and geographical coordinates in On When and Where.

By using this site, you rohomczi to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I would be very happy to say codex is written in Hungarian as a native speaker but it shall be proven correctly first.


With this purpose in mind, recall our last installment, which opened the mysterious Voynich Manuscript for your perusal. If you enjoy the show and are fascinated by historical hoaxes, check out my novel, Manuscript Found!

File:Codex Rohonczi 41.jpg

The Probable Use of a Meaningless Object — If this book was made for a purpose, this should have been it. But no real similarity in syllabs or characters. You are commenting roohnczi your Facebook account. The text, if taken as meaningful, is of religious, perhaps liturgical character. Most of those who got involved with the Codex were drawn by the encoded, encrypted, secret script so I decided to focus on the pictures instead, and determine their content and meaning.

Retrieved from ” https: D-l Attila Hilt te-a contrazis. All the best, Adrian. The principal installments of Historical Blindness require quite a bit of work on my part, including research, composition, and formatting each blog post as well as recording, editing and mixing the podcast, all of which I have to find time to do myself.

Chapters from the History of Cryptography in HungarianBudapest: But I really need someones help to know how to make it optimal. And some more statistics. Die Rahmen der einzelner Bilder sehen wie ein stilisiertes Zahnrad-Getriebe aus — man beachte die ineinander greifenden kurzen Striche. However, he sometimes transliterated the ckdex symbol with different letters, and conversely, the same letter was decoded from several symbols.

Best regards and greetings from Brazil! If you refer to Mr. Study of the paper on which the codex is written shows that it is rohoonczi probably a Venetian paper made in the s.

The Rohonc Codex

You will find more details about the Codex here. A Book of Mystery and Imagination — a very short presentation of the book and those involved in its history. Interessant sind die Halbmonde auf dem Dach, die bekanntlich aus dem muslimischen Kulturkreis stammen: But somehow the simplest explanation sounds me more realistic.


In he demonstrated a method for cutting down the text into sentences with a good probability. Notify me of new comments via email. What I am not offering are final answers. Recent book published in Hungarian written by Benedek Lang also gave me the feeling that the language itself is not yet recognized. Can you maybe help me or get me in touch with someone like Viorica Enachiuc?

The alleged translation indicates that the text is an th century CE history of the Blaki Vlachs people in their fights against Hungarians and Pechenegs. She provided the only rihonczi source of a hitherto unknown state of the Romanian languageand her text even with her glossary raises such serious doubts both in its linguistic and historic authenticity that they render her work unscientific.

According to Mahesh Kumar Royonczi, the upper two rows of page 1 read: They also state that by character it is an ordinary Catholic reader or breviary of the time, mostly containing paraphrases of New Testament texts primarily from the Gospelsbut also some non-Biblical material, like e.

This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat The Codex is a bizarre collection of paradoxes which annoyed each of those who studied it. As such, the project has settled into an already somewhat hectic monthly release schedule.