An archive of the works by and on Chattampi Swamikal. Chattambi Swami’s religious quest and discovery, his austere simplicity and great self-denial, his humble sharing with others the light with which he was. ABSTRACT. Sree Vidyadhiraja Parama Bhattaraka Chattampi Swamikal, shortly known as Chattampi. Swamikal was a Hindu sage and social reformer.

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He strictly adhered to the characteristic virtues of an ideal sage practising Ahimsa Non-violenceSathya TruthfulnessAsteya Non-stealingBrahmacharya Celibacy and Aparigraha Non-Acquisition as an exemplar of this mode of life.

Such great souls see and experience Brahma Tattwa in a Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog and the one who eats a dog, all alike without any distinction. Swamiji made him play on the instrument xwamikal later he himself played for some time.

Chattampi Swamikal – Wikipedia

While exposing the sacerdotal pretensions of the high priests of society and demolishing the arrogant claims of the top rungs in the ladder of caste hierarchy, in his polemical writings, he never precipitated inter-communal envy or bickerings.

Swamiji sowed the seeds of revolution in the fields of belief and custom in Kerala. He pointed out that women have equal, if not even more, rights in society. They set an example for others to follow.

Among the drummers was a celebrated expert called Mun- tomepilli Marar. From Ayyavu he also gained an introduction to the modes of vedantic thoughts in the Tamil classics. They master the mysteries of life and disseminate their blessed experiences among the people for their benefit.


Chattampi Swamikal

awamikal The temple is named Sri Balabhattarakeswara Kshetram. On either side of him sat SrinarayanaGuruswamigaland Theerthapada- paramahamsa Swamigal. His researches in this field have led to many new and original conclu- sions. For many days he served as a labourer carrying building materials for the construction of Government Secretariat building in Trivandrum.

As they were standing by the side of the river, they heard a loud hissing sound.

Chattampi Swamikal | Kerala Renaissance Leaders in Malayalam

And a perfect tranquillity prevails over the whole area. The path of self-realization through Jnana. Also he learned Sanskrit by overhearing the classes at a Brahmin house nearby.

Then in utter desperation he gave up all efforts and sat half dead at the helm. He was a strict Brahma- chari. Besides Vedadhikaranirupanam, Swamiji has written several treatises discussing the philosophy of Advaita.

Swamiji’s demonstra- tion swamikap his skill in playing on the Ginjira so astonished him that he exclaimed, “Swamiji is Murugan himself.

In it he has quoted liberally from rare Tamil manuscripts. Knowing his thirst for learning an uncle took him to the traditional school conducted by Pettayil Raman Pillai Asan, a renowned scholar and writer who taught him without any fee.

Chattampi Swamikal | Kerala Renaissance Leaders in Malayalam

The pair then began their wanderings on foot in the southern regions, shunning the haunts of men. There I found him sound asleep. I had brought a timepiece from Chatatmpi. Asan was three years younger than Swamikal and in search of spiritual guidance.

It stands on a slightly elevated ground with a few small tiled buildings by its side.

Among the poets who paid their tributes were Vallathol and Ullur. His wanderings among the corn fields and on the shore of the majestic sea filled him with a sense of beauty and of awe and evoked a sympathetic response in the poetic heart of the young man.


Siddhas recognize one chattapmi.

The refutation is not a mere refu- tation, it is a ‘visnamkoum’ a work that establishes the greatness of ‘gnana’. The spiritual powers that Chattambi Swami- gal had mastered were innumerable, but he was ever averse to manifesting them. Gently patting the head of his disciple swaamikal mused aloud, “A great world created by Brahma has dissolved.

To the surprised visitor Swamiji explained, “All these are my friends. They were hopping about in his room: This I remember clearly of Sri Chattambi Swamigal, in, the chatta,pi twenties.

Hundreds of people used to visit him to have his darshan and seek his advice and blessings.

About this time happened an incident that deeply grieved him who was above grief and joy. An Asramam chattapmi founded by Swami Abhedananda in Theiruvananthapuram. Strength and purity of language, persuasive power and depth of thought give his works a pre-eminent place in the literature of scholarship and culture He has also a high place among the research workers.

He started at once for Karunagappalli. As soon as be received thiie letter, Kumbalam arrived at Trivandrum with a a boat.