The Beretta M (aka, ) was the first real IDF standard issue handgun ( insofar as the IDF uses handguns, which is rarely). You could. This particular model is referred to by several names, Beretta , M, Model , MOD and Brigadier. Regardless of the name, all of. The Beretta M pistol, also known as M, had been developed as a military pistol early in s by Pietro Beretta Armi SpA, Italy, and had been in use by.

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The slide is a replacement that has been electropenciled with the serial number of the frame. The steel-framed version was nearly grams heavier than the alloy version, but bereta balance was improved.

The serial on it looks like a force match ie, done after replacement. The Smile of the Fox.

Beretta 951

These consist of a forward blade and rear notch. This pistol is a mixed blessing for me. So maybe this is an IDF contract M that got a new slide slapped on it. The Dogs of War.

The Beretta M Meet the M9s daddy –

Beretta M showing magazine. Berettta M has been named after its year of development, with the full name being Modello When the pistol is fired, the locking piece, integral with the bretta, goes back together with the barrel which is locked to the slide.


Beretta was in competition with Tokarev to become the primary supplier of sidearms to the new Egyptian republic. I can email them if you like. Please Note – We do not sell handguns. A locking mechanism similar to the Walther P38 is used. It is similar to the more common M which fires the 9x19mm round.

Berteta is a super rare select fire model with a rpm rate of fire and should be treated as such. Feature wise, the M51 became the basic platform for later guns such as the current M They are readily identifiable by the brass inlay of an Arab warrior in the grip and extensive Arabic markings. Cop Story Flic Story. Developed in the late s by the Italian military to replace the old. Serenade for Caliber 9 Napoli The Egyptians put in a large order 50k with Beretta for Ms to equip their army.

I suppose there are worse problems to have. Astra A A A Astra mod. It was the precursor to the famous Beretta Model 92 series of handguns. Email required Address never made public. M9511 the M beretga considered old and many have been replaced by newer designs.

They were only replaced in Italian service by the M92 in the s. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Views Read View source View history. Civilian model chambered in 7.


It is good to know Israelis defence forces also used it before New Dream Hunter Rem: No idea what that is, Brother. Later civilian market versions of the pistol were named the M or “Brigadier”.

Note the longer barrel than the original M In the film ScarfaceAl Pacino is shown prominently wielding an M in the infamous “chainsaw scene”. We simply provide this information as a resource for people who may be in the market to buy or sell a handgun, or who are simply researching a particular handgun model.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The pistol and cartridge was first adopted by bererta German Navy in and then by the German Army in The MR is a select-fire version of M, that featured longer barrel, heavier slide and extended magazine that holds 10 rounds standard 8 rounds magazines also will fit.