View and Download Uniden BCDXT user manual online. Trunktracker. BCDXT Barcode Reader pdf manual download. Uniden BCDXT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCDXT User Manual, Owner’s Manual. The BCDXT Uniden’s APCO Capable desktop Trunktracker scanner with . on Scanner Master ยท Easier to Read BCDXT Digital Scanner Manual.

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Uniden BCD996XT User Manual

If the Motorola system has priority channels, and you assign one of those talkgroups as priority in the scanner, then when one of those bcd99xt becomes active, the scanner will jump to it even if it is on a different system voice channel i. The current channel is configured as a control channel, and the scanner is receiving data on it.

Product Description This guide is a full featured, 26 page spiral-bound instructional Mini-manual, covering all aspects of this very capable scanner. At majual New Sys Name? See ‘ Edit Channel Options ‘.

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You can also lock out this home repeater ID so you will not receive it. Priority is checked in between transmissions, when the scanner is manua the control manua, and during the channel delay period.

Enter text from picture: For more info visit the Wiki alerts page. Close Call RF Capture Technology – lets you set the scanner so it detects and provides information bcd996dt nearby radio transmissions. The Startup Configuration option lets you quickly and automatically lock and unlock systems based on how you assign your startup keys. With this feature Offwhen the scanner detects a Close Call signal while scanning, the scanner does not override the current audio. The items below do not follow the radio’s menu order because IMHO they should be in the following order to properly setup and use the weather operation features.


Press twice to delete all characters when editing text. The default custom search range names appear as Custom 1Custom 2and so on. Press to select a menu item or save an entry in Menu Mode.

Open the Search for Yes – the scanner treats all received ID’s as unique ID’s. In Tone-Out Standby Mode: The scanner will use the regular old Motorola band plan and return to the menu. For those of you who are new to trunkingdynamic memoryor haven’t had a scanner in the last 10 years it is a good idea to read the respective sections on those topics. This allows you to start a service, custom, Tone-Out, or Band Scope search without having to go into the menus. Press 6 to move the cursor to the right when editing text.

Uniden BCD996XT Mini-Manual

I have included links to other information in the Wiki not relevant to the operation of the scanner so you can still find the rest of the info such as specs, weather event codes, deciphering trunked systems, etc. For those of you who use GPS enabled scanning bcx996xt mountain tops, they increased the max range setting from 50 to miles. Or, you can Quick store freqs or Quick store IDs only after you program the trunking system bcd996xy site.


If the frequency has not been stored, it stores the frequency into a created group named ‘ Found Channels ‘, then resumes searching.

Control Channel Data Output – allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner.

Weather Scan The scanner starts scanning the preprogrammed weather frequencies and stops on the first good signal. To move the cursor to the leftpress 4. The more channels you have set to priority, the longer the interruption will be. Press and hold to lock Function Mode.

The default setting is ms. At the marked positions, drill holes slightly smaller bcd96xt the screws. To toggle the modulation press then 9 MOD. Then see Edit Site Options.