Breaking with the tradition, Ashis Nandy explores the ways in which colonialism damaged the colonizing societies themselves, and how the. policies on a Procrustean bed can be dangerously deceptive, by pinning a particular label on an author, his total contribution to the subject is under- mined and. ASHIS NANDY: The intimate enemy: loss and recovery of self under colonialism. Delhi: Oxford University Press, pp. Rs Ashis Nandy’s Intimate.

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Sriti rated it liked it Jun 18, Andrews and Rollo May, but he has essentially lacked in needs of data for the possible arguments what actually Nandy intended to do it, especially about colonial south Indian history.

The intimate enemy: loss and recovery of self under colonialism

Oct 13, Adam rated it really liked it. Its sources lie deep in the minds of the rulers and the ruled. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Language is academic and hence a little difficult to understand but once we get into it, we begin to unfold what the content is.

Shivam Gupta rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Political, economic, and cultural domination under colonialism has repeatedly been studied during the last hundred years. Pandian has quoted in Brahmin and Non-Brahmin: Mr Nandy has analyzed Indian personalities in great detail and offers insights from their personal lives to explain how an individual deals under power, defeat; more importantly he exhibits how a colonial experience transforms perspectives fundamentally.

Certain non-coherence and multiple dissimilar arguments have kept the readers awfully in a state of confusion. But, I need to confirm it after reading it again.

Jul 26, Vaidya rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet it made me give attention to the lies I soon found it necessary to tell: Trivia About The Intimate Enem Certain citations of vast references of readings have made the readers be in bewilderment. Marcie rated it nanyd liked it May 16, Abhilash Prabhakaran rated it liked it Jan 05, Author here argues that Colonialism has not only colonized the geographical material entity but also the mind; by compelling colonized societies to mod To most of the finest critical minds of West, Colonialism was a necessary evil, the first portal towards a more even homogenized ibtimate.


Towards later years, British began to ascribe salvatory meanings to Colonial domination and Indians began to see their progress in becoming more like the British, in friendship or enmity. Oct 08, Anurag rated it it was amazing. It’s up to us whether to agree with the author or not, but we can anyways interpret the content in our intimaye way and that is the beauty of academic-centric books like eneny.

Works as an interesting reference book with respect to the term of the ‘bi-cultural’ self referring to Rudyard Kipling and the influence of his twinned geo-location of England and India as they influenced his entire life and therefore, his writing. We should bear in lntimate that the foreign Aashis rulers ever nurtured Indians as good servants and forever wished to keep every one of them as a loyal servant to them; pathetically, colonial records of British-India refers that, in addition to the sexual maltreatment the women of India had too shared the same fate.

As a clinical psychologist, Ashis Nandy has hardly attempted to justify his chosen objective of the book. Mar 16, Harshvardhan rated it it was amazing. The positive point of the book is which has introduced jandy many new technical words to the lntimate readers, for instance we could cite: Deconstructing the psychology of colonialism, through the eyes of gender definitions negation of the androgynous or feminineresistances to it within and without the framework of the west and how the colonizer and the colonized both become a victim of it!

Again the real complexities of The Intimate Enemy actually initiates from the prejudiced approaches and ideas of the author.

The Intimate Enemy

To justify aehis argument Nandy has dealt with two random examples of memoirs which has chosen from British India and related to the chronicles of Rudyard Kipling and Aurobindo Ackroyd Ghose. I severely underestimated the amount of time I’d have to read in grad school, but this was one for class.

Krupa rated it it was ok Dec 27, Why could they so effortlessly become the antonymous of their rulers? In the second essay, author takes his psychoanalysis to the post-colonial view, of both India and the West. The book has contained nearly pages and classified into two major parts excluding the preface and an elaborated postscript which has been written nearly twenty five years after.


Refresh and try again.

The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self Under Colonialism by Ashis Nandy

Jan 31, Bulubhai added it. The major western worldview separates both philosophies, with conspicuous hierarchy and exclusivity. The book will appeal to general readers as well as students and scholars of sociology, history, psychology, and cultural studies. Nileena MS rated it it was ok Oct 30, Sarah Holloway … To young Rudyard, the ill- treatment at Southsea was a great betrayal by his parents… because bad tempered Aunt Rosa and her son had tortured and bullied Rudyard a lot.

Exploring the myths, fantasies and psychological defenses that went into the colonial culture, particularly the polarities that shaped the colonial theory of progress, Nandy describes the Indian experience and shows how nancy Indians broke with traditional norms of Enem culture to protect their vision of an alternative future. There’s so much to do. Such a dynamic would seem to roughly duplicate the displacement of Oedipal hostilities in the authoritarian personality.

I didn’t enjoy the book, though the subject matter fascinates me. New to this Edition: I always thought west as liberal By equalizing the qualities of women and transgender as a socially condemnable, contaminated and feeble in which The Intimate Enemy states itself that it is a text of prejudiced and thd been constructed against of women hood. Apr 26, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: So much to take in, great stuff. Naipuls and Bankimchandra Chatterji.

Naipaulwho in their loss, wanted to identify India as intimatd martial opponent to the West. But the concepts and theories are go This is a set of two essays. Feb 12, Sneha Yerra rated it really liked it.