AS NZS 2890.1 PDF

AS NZS 2890.1 PDF

AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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From the year sales data for sedans, station wagons and light commercial vehicles, a possible candidate for nzd It will normally be necessary to photocopy Figure C1 onto transparent film. The following additional base dimensions have been adopted: Wider parking spaces require slightly smaller aisle width.

There shall be no consequential reduction in the combined length of space and width of parking aisle from that given in Figure 2.

Standards Catalogue

The allowable 20 m maximum length shall include any parts of grade change transitions at each end that exceed 1 in 6 The Licensee is granted a non-exclusive and non-assignable Licence is to current use the Product.

The fully dimensioned design nzz is shown in Appendix B, Figure B1.

The difficulty of manoeuvring into a parking space is increased by such a location. International Involvement Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand are responsible for ensuring that the Australian and New Zealand viewpoints are considered in the formulation of ae Standards and that the latest international experience is incorporated in national and Joint Standards. Appropriately located bollards are suitable for these purposes.

AS/NZS – Road Safety Products

User Class 1A parking shall be restricted to residential, domestic and employee 2809.1. They also provide for traffic circulating between parking modules. This Appendix is based on a study of the Australian motor vehicle fleet. The station wagon has a longer wheelbase and overall length than the sedan. Does the product comply with 280.1 Standards, AS Whereas such increases in dimension would normally result in an increase in swept path during turns, this has been avoided by the rounding of the front and rear of the vehicle.


Suitable steps might include making the aisle one-way or signposting the nxs parking spaces as front-in only. Pedestrian control and protection Part Parking spaces provided for these purposes need to be located where they best serve 2809.1 purpose and the usage limited to short-stay, e. Where there is an obstruction adjacent to a space, e. A1 a Entering sight distance Unsignalized access driveways shall be located so that the intersection sight distance along the frontage road available to drivers leaving the car park or domestic driveway is at least that shown in Figure 3.

Does the product come with a warranty?

Follow these links to find other Standards similar to the one you are viewing. Reversing movements to public roads shall be prohibited wherever possible.

AS/NZS – Standards Australia

Some very large vehicles may need to make a 5-point turn. Use of each template is described on each Figure. These categories are set out in Table 3. This document may make references to other documents. When determining the amount of vehicle storage required, queue lengths shall be calculated by applying conventional queuing theory to estimated mean nnzs rates during normal peak periods, and mean service rates under continuous demand, determined as closely as possible from observing the operation of similar 2809.1.


Particular requirements for drives for gates, doors and windows You may be interested in this related standard Parking facilities – Off-street parking for people with disabilities You may be interested in this related standard. Licensees are permitted to use the Product following extent: In these instances, it may be appropriate to move the bus stop or other facility, if this would result in the best overall design.

Maximum gradients on and near access driveways, other than at domestic properties see Clause 2. Aisles serving such spaces shall be one-way except where parallel parking is allowed on one side, see Clause 2. Or send us a message through our contact form.

Off-street parking for people with disabilities AS Glossary of terms – Road and traffic engineering AS Forms of letters and numerals for road signs Other References: On curved driveways other than at turns into garages or parking spaces the width shall be increased as given for domestic property in Table 2.

This is primarily due to the width mm of the vehicle which represents the A modified ground clearance template to suit the particular vehicle characteristics will be required.