R.P. Kangle is the author of The Kautiliya Arthasastra – Vol. 1,2&3 ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), The Kautiliya Arthasastra. As per Kangle there are multiple Authors who added to the Arthashastra and it does reflect some influence of Manu Smriti as well which perhaps is a much later . Kautiliya Arthashatra, by R P Kangle (MLBD). R P Kangle’s three volume compilation, translation and commentary on Kautilya’s Arthashastra is.

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As mentioned above, there is a comprehensive census system in the Kautilyan state.

The Kautiliya Arthasastra Part 1

While it is impossible to estimate the number of persons who were familiar with the full text of the Arthashastra in the context of its oral and written transmission, the proposition remains valid that the key concepts of the Arthashastra were known to Indian intellectual elites ever since it was written 23 centuries ago. It is a premodern treatise on statecraft and a foundational text of political science. We once even went to Pune to see one.

Of course, the diplomat must always be aware that he is under observation by the adversary secret service. In cricket most of all. Up to the late 19th century, oral transmission was the preferred mode of learning among Brahmin intellectuals. If the ruler fails to create conditions in which the material needs of his subjects are satisfied, he cannot expect the people to abide by the law, behave in accordance with morality and remain content with a quiet private life.

For Kautilya, magic must have no place in the 9 The concept cluster shadgunya: During the remaining parts of the day and the night he should learn new things, familiarize himself with those already learned and listen repeatedly to things not learned. Not that he did not enjoy these lively sessions.


Is Britain anything more than a nuisance? And philosophy will tell what is valuable in the Vedas and other religious texts and what not. Public policy doctrine Domestic and foreign policy Civil society Public interest.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Just as it is not possible not to taste honey or poison once placed on the surface of the tongue, equally so it is not possible for someone dealing with the money of the king not to taste the money arhtashastra however small quantity.

2. Autor und Entstehungszeit: die Argumentation R. P. Kangle’s

It seems clear that Kautilya does not mean that in a declaratory sense. It then sets forth a code of civil and criminal law. The separate military administration is responsible for organizational, logistical and personnel kanglf. In the Arthashastra, the armed forces take the second to last place in the ranking of state factors.

How might the latter react to the message? He had no need for the high sounding euphemistic label as by scholarly achievement he was a true Brahmin himself. The neatness, however, was zrthashastra more than his clothes and appearance.

There was no parochial sentiment in this though, for that would have been against his grain.

R.P. Kangle (Editor of Arthashastra)

He too was a profound scholar. Kautilya thinks of all eventualities: The ruler himself must hear what the concerns and needs of the people are. Yet the intrinsic value of the state does find expression in the objectives that Kautilya puts forth for the ruler: Kangle had a brilliant career at the Bombay University behind, him, winning, besides a First, coveted prizes like the Dr.

Also, lacking direct contact with his people, the ruler can become hostage to the court and its intrigues. The most efficient and reliable among these secret agents are to be at least partially privy to the intentions of the government, so that they can carry out their intelligence tasks as purposefully and effectively as possible.


The king should favor those who are content with wealth and honor. Motilal Banarasidass, the Delhi publishing house famous for its publication of books in the field, offered to publish the next edition. The authors of antecedent shastras on statecraft had warned that the crown prince was arthasshastra most serious threat to the rule of the king and suggested drastic counter-measures: Thus, the life of the people will be peaceful and prosperous and the state will grow more powerful.

More likely, it was out of his inherent politeness.

Femme fatale as a secret agent To undermine a ruling oligarchy, make chiefs of the [enemy’s] ruling council infatuated with women possessed of great beauty and youth. There, in the capital, the ruler resides with his government arhashastra collect the tax revenues that are primarily extracted from the rural population. Around the middle of the first millennium BC, there were sixteen territorial states in North India.

He spared no efforts to get the transliteration of Greek names right, finally approaching the Greek Consulate in the matter. If such pedagogical measures do not produce the desired result, the king must place the crown prince under house arrest or send him off on journeys — under secret service supervision — in the hope that he will come to his senses.

On this, historian Romila Thapar stated: He polemicizes against antecedent authors who did not acknowledge all four disciplines as science. In the morning, there should kantle military training in theoretical and practical terms.