Lynn Nottage’s new play, Ruined (Manhattan Theatre Club, 3/8/09), rewrites Mother Courage and Her Children in the context of war in the. Complete summary of Lynn Nottage’s Ruined. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Ruined. From Lynn Nottage, the Obie Award-winning author of such plays as Fabulation and Intimate Apparel, comes this haunting, probing work about the resilience of.

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Maybe that tells us something about mankind.

Ruined by Lynn Nottage

Sophie is “ruined,” which means her genitals are mutilated from a violent rape. In the summer of the Brooklyn-based playwright traveled with her husband, her daughter, Ruby, and her father, Wallace, to Kenya and Uganda for a little over a month.

Ruined is an example of writing trying to expose a part of the world without casting a judgement on it. The end of the play presents a far different picture of Mama Nadi than what ruinedd see in the beginning. Mama Nadi is a businesswoman, not a bleeding heart, but upon learning that Sophia can read, sing, and keep accounts, Mama reneges and accepts her into the fold to work essentially as slave labor.

Clum chair, department of theater studiesDuke University. To expose this conspiracy, Nottage moves as far from Brechtian strategies as nnottage strives not to onttage us from its subject, sexual violence. Ruined neither apes the thematic concerns nor mimics the theatrical strategies of Mother Courage.

This extraordinary play is a nottxge of witness to the suffering of the people of the Congo who are pawns in the drama that constitutes their lives. Her mother and grandmother, who made several trips to Kenya and other parts of Africa, had a powerful emotional and spiritual connection to the continent.

What other choice do they have? Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama I don’t know what it’s about books about race and war, but I can’t seem to get into most of them. nnottage


Ruined is a hauntingly chilling tale of life in the Republic of the Congo during the ongoing fighting that occurs there. Rebel leaders and government soldiers make their way through this place, and there is constant tension throughout the play on whether Mama Nadi will get caught playing both of the warring factions.

By continuing to use this website, you consent to Columbia University’s usage of cookies and similar technologies, in accordance with the Columbia University Website Cookie Notice. If you’re a dork like me, then reading plays is really exciting, because you can like something and still feel like you’ve gotten only a piece of it, i.

Definitely worth seeing it performed, the work is ultimately redemptive. Lynn Nottage is a monumental talent, and her plays provide an urgent revitalization of realism for the modern stage.

Can a price be placed on a human life? Yes, without fully giving away the plot, Christian and Mama Nadi do reach some sort of resolution when Ruined closes, but it is a queer denouement because real happiness is so very far from even the dimmest certainty given the bleak realities of the Congo.

Based on true stories from women Nottage spoke two while on trip in the Congo. Villagers are displaced, chaos reigns, pain emanates from people of all ages. A sprinkling of Swahili, with just enough French, helps ground the dialogue. They have their families taken, their limbs, their lives, their pride.

Violence against women is the norm and brutal rape victims find themselves rejected by their families for no fault of theirs. Aug 10, Deniz Demirkurt rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mama Nadi makes her living offering libation to fighters, and she is proud she has managed well for so long.

At the same time, Ruined sustains, with as much depth and humor as Nottage could muster, the aspects of dignity, integrity, sensuality, earthbound simplicity and most emphatically endurance that she and director Kate Whoriskey found during their two trips to refugee camps in Uganda, Rwanda and other parts of Africa in and By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


That they’re still happening! Sometimes I find a bit of beauty and I want to return, sometimes I find only horrors. Her interviews with Ugandan war victims not only informed the play, but tightens the distance between news reports and actual testimonials about what happens to women there. This process both literalizes and culturally endorses the idea of blaming the victim. Ruined is about horrors, and it took me to a place of my mind I dislike for too long.

The European premiere of Ruineddirected by Indhu Rubasinghamopened for previews on April 15, with press night on April 22, at the Almeida Theatre in London. Here is a play about gender inequality that transcended such issues as pay differentials and glass ceilings and old-boy networks—the stuff we Westerners got anxious or angry or organizing tea-parties.

It’s brutal, but honest and oh, so very human. What is going on in the D.

Lynn Nottage’s Ruined: a worthy Pulitzer prizewinner?

But read it if you must, as I have. Ruined is a Pulitzer Prize-winning play written by Lynn Nottage about the plight of women in the civil war ravaged Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are so many ethical issues concerning how and where and by whom our ruinde and products are manufactured. In bestowing honours on plays such as Rabbit Hole, August: