Killing Rage has ratings and 49 reviews. Thedailyloaf said: quite possibly one of the most disturbing books regarding the Troubles. it is the autobio. Some time in the coming weeks Eamon Collins would have received compensation for injuries received when he was knocked down by. Co-written by former journalist Mick McGovern, ‘Killing Rage’ tells the story of Eamon Collins’s short but eventful life in the IRA during the late.

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collinx Excellent look at one man’s journey during the Troubles, from teenage radical, to PIRA footsoldier, to nutting squad thug to supergrass. The South Armagh IRA wanted a hard-line militarist in the local party, as they were opposed to the increasing emphasis of the republican leadership on political over military activity. What I didn’t collina was how intelligent he was.

A sad book, especially considering Collins was murdered within two years of publication. Collins goes into detail about how he planned the murders and how he eventually became disillusioned with the IRA.

He would later write that because of his Ulster background he felt closer culturally to Scottish people than people from the Irish Republic. Not an easy book to read when you really feel such dislike for the main kklling.

And maybe, not even all that sad. Could the person who set up that blog be the co-author Mick McGovern? I enjoyed that he was more than just a killer, that he had insights into HOW killings, bombings etc w This was one of my most anticipated IRA reads. It’s very difficult to honestly investigate eamonn motivations and actions as our beliefs change, and this book does it better than any other I’ve read. I don’t take a side myself, but in doing a lot of reading about it lately, I have noticed it’s very rare for a Republican to do this.

He was acquitted and released after spending two years in prison. Around this time he married Bernadette, with whom raye subsequently had four children.


Jan 27, – Eamon Collons, 45, was beaten and stabbed beyond recognition on a country road just outside Newry a short distance from his home in a suspected revenge attack for turning supergrass.

Retrieved 8 September His belief in the martial discipline of IRA’s campaign had been seriously undermined by the event of the assassination of Norman Hanna, a eampn year old Newry man on the 11 March in front of his wife and young daughter, who had been targeted because of his former service with the Ezmon Defence Regiment, which he had resigned from in Murphy lost his libel case against the Sunday Times.

Collins’ situation – not so much. That doesn’t make him better than the rest of the terrorist scum in any way. Eamon Collins saw the light after six years of planning death and mayhem.

Eamon Collins – Wikipedia

This page was last edited on 12 Septemberat He antagonised the IRA until finally they lost patience with him, savagely killing him innot even two years after the publication of Killing Rage. Granta Books- History – pages. Following the publication of the book, and while continuing to live in a nationalist area of Newry, Eamon Collins spoke out on paramilitary violence and the fragile peace in the North of Ireland.

Feb 28, Ar rated it it was eanon. This was rather like going up to a sleeping tiger and sticking pins in it. Despite his militarist convictions at this time Collins found the psychological strain caused by his involvement in the terrorist war increasingly difficult to deal with.

Eamon Collins murder: police arrest man in South Armagh

He had received repeated death threats from republicans and it is believed Provisional IRA members from south Armagh murdered him. I got through this eventually.

This book is a well written and insightful account of a man’s journey from someone with hardened revolutionary ideals to one who has become disillusioned with armed struggle. I will say this is a great look into the IRA from a new view. After giving his testimony Collins had said in the court-room to Murphy “No hard feelings Slab”. I was very disappointed with this book.


This one is the most disturbing and probably one of the most important ones to read. Mar 07, Simon G rated it did not like it. Slogans abusive of Collins were daubed on the walls of homes in the estate where he and his family lived.

Really interesting book, but not for those faint of heart. His family had lived for generations in the Camlough area, near Newry, Co. The book does not attempt to soften the impact of the events it describes through euphemism or rhetoric. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 7 September We might suspect that Collins was not as reasonable and as rational as his account would have us believe.

Jan 07, Thedailyloaf rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s not about how the army could jam detonator frequencies. Eamon Collins was such a terrorist, scouting and planning ragee the IRA during the troubles in the s and s. Collins changes drastically a few times throughout his life, from intellectual IRA diehard to disillusioned republican to weary, peaceful family man. Are you getting a full account or only a partial one? It was only a matter of time, surely, before one of these animals got annoyed with him.

Apr 11, Sarah rated it really liked it. Collins is not the most accomplished writer, the sentences are basic but the story unfolds with a compelling urgency.

He was so badly injured that he was unrecognisable and police at first thought he had been hit by a car.