Keep Holding On has ratings and reviews. Aj the Ravenous Reader said: “If I’d stopped believing that my life would eventually get better, I. Keep Holding On by Susane Colasanti. This bestselling teen novel focuses on the consequences of bullying and teen suicide, dedicated to Tyler Clementi. Susane Colasanti was born and grew up in a small town in New Jersey. She is an only child. During middle and high school she got picked on.

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Caught Up In You. Jasmine Top 10 Reviewer View all my reviews Soon a dramatic event at school forces Noelle to gain confidence and stand up for herself. The book answers every single one of those.

Thought Provoking After first reading this book, I sat down and wrote a bit about judging and bullying and all kinds of deep meaningful stuff to include in the review. Susane Colasanti has brought an upsetting and emotional holdihg that many teenagers experience throughout high school to light through this book.

So, ya know, I really did feel for her. And I hate that so much. This book had me asking “What the heck happened? Sympathy and a eagerness to understand. I mean, I liked Noelle, the main character: And hopefully, this story will encourage readers in need to keep holding on.

The characters fell flat for me. He doesn’t care what people think of him and his friendship with Noelle is so great. What are less-than-memorable elements, then? This book was so real that it plagued me like the bubonic. The question is, will it help her situation or make things x worse?


Colsanti’s first book, and haven’t liked the others very much since. Every time she explained his secrecy away I just wanted susxne go “Oh, honey. He is always fighting for Noelle and defending her.

It may be hard to understand, but when you can avoid making your life even worse, you do so. Keep Holding On will guide you through the storms and find the rainbow.

I truly leep her character, she had her own problems to deal with, but she was always there for Noelle, encouraging her to colaxanti up for zusane, comforting her when it all got too much and her small unexpected gestures coasanti sneaked their way into my heart. Or the George I have a bad habit.

Susane Colasanti – Keep Holding On

Huge kudos to Susane for tackling such tough issues. First of all, the facts do not add up. The biggest problem I had with this book was the overt message delivery. Read more of my reviews at Nick’s Colaxanti Blog Tackling a subject such as bullying is like walking on hot coal.

Turns out it was that and then some.

Maybe my high school life was different from others. Would you like us to take another look at this review? And another thing that bothers me is that the story doesn’t start off well for me. Noelle is a kid who has had it pretty rough. I really liked the book … Show more Show less.

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After a certain point, Noelle becomes more of a message giver than holdkng teenager going through all of these tough issues and coming to terms with them on her own.

From the outside looking in people appear to have better lives than they do.

Keep Holding On addresses bullying and is the sort of story that just needs to be shared. But until then, she has to survive high school first. And Noelle feels that way. She is intelligent and caring. Once those words leave your mouth, they can never be taken back. With the bonus cute romance and a super dorky but thoughtful teacher, Ms.


Keep Holding On

I encourage everyone to read it, and share it with others, and to talk to each other. They use the internet and cell phones.

Readers will engage intellectually and emotionally with each character, and the countdown toward graduation that marks every chapter heightens Noelle’s desperation to escape. The neglect leads to serious grooming problems and this causes her to be a bully target at school.

She was wholly self absorbed throughout.

Keep Holding On By: Susane Colasanti by jasmine barajas on Prezi

Noelle is an amazing strong character! Not that a boiled hot dog and lump of revolting potato salad is even remotely appealing. The book is all about standing up for yourself and dealing with your insecurities and accepting you for who you are, weird and all. She experiences what it feels like to share common interests with other students like Simon, who is like her guardian angel in so many ways.

This book rocketed me right back to my high school This book is not an easy read nor a light read, but it is a fast read. So there’s no shiny ribbon tied in a perfect bow, but it’s better that way.