Critique of Economic Reason (Radical Thinkers) [Andre Gorz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. André Gorz’s earlier books—from Ecology. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Gorz, Andre. Critique of economic reason,. L Work & leisure. Social aspects. I. Title II. Metamorphoses du travail. Critique of Economic Reason: Summary for. Trade Unionists and Other Left Activists. Andre Gorz. Chapter 3 in Labour Worldwide: Alternative Union Models in.

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Critique of Economic Reason thinks it’s post-Marxist because it combines Marx with Weber and strangely Freire, seemingly deepening and broadening terms that Marx only used in an economic dimension.

Marx said that revolutions are the locomotive of world history. He could spend his days learning new skills, travelling, spend time with his loved ones. Instead, every employed person should work less in order to give opportunities for more people to work.

I think readings that see this in Marx are guilty of a huge interpretive mistake of their own, which is to misunderstand the significance of the proletariat. Challenge yourself with new discoveries in our Radical Thinkers series. Jul 31, Samantha rated it liked it Shelves: We are taught that money is everything, and that profit-making is a virtue.

By carefully delineating the existential and cultural limits of economic rationality, he emphasizes the urgent need to create a society which rejects the work ethic in favor of an emancipatory ethic of free time.

And that claim is probably even completely true for quite a few of those claimants. As a budding teacher, Oof am wondering whether the act of studying in societies dominated by economic rationality should be considered as work as well, and whether students should reasn given autonomy over their studies. Verso Books 16 December Meanwhile, trade unions primarily serve to preserve the labor of a full-time elite without being able to address the problem of precarious labor.

A recommendation: Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz – An und für sich

Tolga Ulusoy rated it it was amazing Aug 14, rewson But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity. Let’s get that out of the way first, then. They can be adjusted to the demands of the economy by making them work harder at less cost. Yet this is not an automatically triumphant dialectic — human beings must choose the goal of autonomous free time and fight to implement it.


Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Strategically speaking and ceonomic on its own terms, Critique of Economic Reason props up the left wing of fascism and should be severely criticized from a principled internationalist viewpoint.

Having said that, Gorz’ ecclectic writings did produce theoretical value that can operate outside the book’s framework. For example, a technician might choose to do all his work 2 days per week instead of working the usual 5 days. As instruments, economjc are disposable. Zoonanism rated it really liked it Feb 25, As part of this, Gorz predicts recent changes such as the “gig” economy and the proliferation of zero-hours contracts.

Ecobomic with This Book. It is not arbitrary because it responds to what the economic rationality under which we live actually does — i.

Gorz argues for the liberation of workers from work. As instruments, they are disposable The basic argument of the book is this: Burritoboy, A more direct and principled objection to your claim that a Gorzian order could not resist someone who economlc that capital accumulation was their sole good — Gorz recognizes the pretty widely accepted principle that the exercise of freedom must be constrained by the requirement not to harm others.

That is to say, if we remain on auto-pilot, either out of despair or out of a misplaced faith in godz determinism, we will wind up with the same outcome human history has generally had. At the heart of his alternative is an advocacy not of “full employment,” but of an equal distribution of the diminishing amount of necessary paid work.

This should go with the caveat that the relevance of this argument hinges on whether or not society is progressing towards socialism or whether we should make temporary accommodations in the knowledge that the need for them must still be abolished.


Published by Adam Kotsko. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Late to this thread — apologies — but I agree with Reid, Alex and Chris about the misinterpretation of Marx that seems to be in play here. Open Preview See a Problem?

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That is basically the autonomist position as I understand it: He presents a practical strategy for reducing the working week, and develops a radical version of a guaranteed wage for all. No trivia or quizzes yet. Also the anti-elite religious component some millenarian, some not she compares to liberation theology.

Freedom in this field can only consist in socialised man, the associated producers, rationally regulating their interchange with Nature, bringing it under their common control, instead of being ruled by it as by the blind forces of Nature; and achieving this with the least expenditure of energy and under conditions most favourable to, and worthy of, their human nature.

deason Gorz’s programme is to tackle this by sharing work and skills more equitably, and prevent the creation of an aristocracy of labour dividing society between those who have work and those who don’t. Furthermore, from a marxist or political-economic point of view they are identical: Written in this is a book which prefigures the direction of the modern economy.

Once production becomes a subordinate aspect of life rather than its driving force, this would presumably break the cycle and Gorz has concrete examples of where this has happened on a small scale. Unsurprisingly therefore he is heavily referenced in books such as Paul Mason’s “Postcapitalism”. Ce livre est magnifique. Then we work reson hours.

What Gorz offers is a grz to take control of these changes for the benefit of us all rather than allowing them to be captured by a few.

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