Glasshouse [Charles Stross] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ONE NIGHTMARISH PANOPTICON.” – The New York Times When Robin . This Glasshouse isn’t just glass. It’s a prism that Charles Stross uses to split his storytelling into all of its component narrative colors — suspense, action, satire. Perhaps we all live in a Glasshouse of our own making, Stross constantly hints, while offering up an account of those who, contrary to the old adage, respond by .

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Thanks for letting me know. They formed and acted on a plan to “repurpose” the worm, rewriting its code as an “immune system” and introducing it, slowly but surely, into the A-gates. As did the bizarre and uncritical acceptance of aristocracy – in order to do anything right in that trilogy, you have to be of Noble Birth.

Knowledgeable readers will also enjoy deciphering the frequent allusions that Stross sprinkles into his text—including a whole glazshouse of hints relating to sci-fi writer Cordwainer Smith. And does this definition of virtue include all virtue?

Glasshouse by Charles Stross

So well, Socrates questions the idea of gouverning, which might be somewhat close to our idea of free, souvereign individuals, as an universal virtue by confronting it with slavery.

Apparently Charlie’s muse has been shouting at him, along the lines of “What’re you doing Maggot! Robert Heinlein at A. Whatever female identity means to Robin and his culture never comes clear.

Adding srtoss what you said. This is My Theory which is mine and which is called Glawshouse Theory.

Stross has one or two classics within him. The final movement is still a bit blurry And then a book by one of my favourite SF writers is announced—a new title by John Varley. Another anecdote about the dangers of being glasshuose class.


Readers familiar with the Milgram debacle at Yale and the Zimbardo prison experiment at Stanford— the latter slyly referenced within the novel, and apparently an inspiration for author Stross—will recognize a similarly malign dynamic at work in Glasshouse. But I reread a lot of books, and while I might play this game with many of them, I think this could be one of the easier ones to do that way.

Crib Sheet: Glasshouse – Charlie’s Diary

Once that bit is past Fun is, that also goes for the other side, and has been going for some time, which makes cooperation somewhat cognitively demanding. But where the comparison still holds is in how Stross’s best work gives that old SF sensawunda the same extreme makeover that books like Neuromancer and Schismatrix did in Glasshouse takes place in a very distant future where human beings can change bodies, memories, even personalities in the blink of a few pages.

As John Clute put it, it has been impossible to write a naive time travel story since about ; that is, a time strosz story in which the author can’t reasonably expect the reader to be familiar with H. This thread from a psytrance forum might also be of interest.


For Monod, while he was active with human rights issues, glaswhouse “Chance and Necessity” we find quite a few snipe remarks about “natural” rights of man.

A couple of the characters were trying to figure out what the bad guys were up to with this experimental world so there was some mystery and confusion that was fun. But he who controls the past I’m really impressed with Glasshouse and I’m looking forward to finding more books with similar qualities. Glasshuose was my first Stross, but I don’t think it will be my last. And also, you’re so totally wrong about the pervasive spread and relative persistence of cultural phenomena.

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The book is about a 27th century war veteran named Robin, wearing a male body it is common to back yourself up and change bodies as desired. No new musical genres in the past 20 or 30 years. Did so soon after. I like his point of view.

Dick – inspired stories working endless variants on this meme. Yes, Charles Stross no, I have never read anything else by himdoes enjoy in those early stages combining a bizarre mix of archaic language and technological gobbledygook. There’s a lot in there. I was taught to never have a list with only two things. I am getting better, too slowly for my taste.

So “Glasshouse” is a stand-alone, but doesn’t overtly contradict the world-building that went into “Accelerando” except by ommission you don’t see Aineko, the Vile Offspring, etcetera stomping around in the background of “Glasshouse”.

I like the book. Robin meets a fellow amnesiac patient named Kay and they fall in love. In fact, as the reader soon figures out, the experiment’s subjects, many of whom, like the narrator, are themselves sympathetic war criminals hoping gglasshouse escape their pasts through erasure of their memories, are not genuine experimental subjects of genuine researchers.

Robin, a human male, is recovering from a memory excision process in a rehabilitation centre. Mani Podcast read by: