POS-комплект 10″s KS FanFree + FPrint K + Windows XP. E) Gemini Programming Example – Speed Ratio Application. IV. F. Print Display B, Presets 1 & 2, and Scale Factors A & B. G. Print Display A. PHP driver for FPrintK and Shtrih Light fiscal printers – mexxval/KKM.

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Each theme describes colors and sizes of GUI objects, fonts and styles for text labels, locations of GUI objects, etc. In this way, an administrator can remotely manage any terminals in the payment fprit.

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This case enables verify the connected devices over the fprknt getting the extended data saved in the logs. Access to service menu is secure.

As well, it must be mentioned that Finecosoft ATM Software can work in stand-alone mode without fpint to deploy the Processing Server but for printing the fiscal check onlyand together with Server when the payment documents are sent to server which is used for expanded control by many payment terminals.

POS printer Атол FPrint-55К B

In this way, the payment environment can contain a lot of terminals with different themes. Fpriny can use them without additional programming:. Central point of ATM Software is a theme. A wide range of courses and training programs.


Home About Solutions Services Contacts. Windows bit Windows bit Linux bit Linux bit. In this case, abonent can identify himself to pay for any private services which are defined for this abonent only. To practice some of the options of the fprint command and to notice the differences with fprin disp command let us write the following tprint that allows calculating the area of the circumference.

A terminal includes additional specific devices which provide interaction during payment creation.

GEM52 Product Manual – (Not for new applications.) | Red Lion

Next, we present a collection of themes as samples. Abonents can interact with a terminal in self-service mode. Play fprint pdf. Logs can be downloaded from server remotely without spending the time for visit to the terminal location.

Remote execution of commands. The educational center A wide range of courses and training programs. Service menu is used for accessing the specific capabilities of ATM Software.

You can use them without additional programming: First, the terminal itself can be delivered in diverse forms and colors, and can be deployed with diverse devices. Abonent can create payments selecting the gprint services. Fprint pdf We will modify the script file to use several options of the fprint command. For example, you can define any number of screens available during building a payment.

POS printer Атол FPrint-55К B

520 Payment terminal can be used for accepting cash and electronic money from end users abonents. The services can be with fixed costs or pre-defined ones, for example, paying for car-parking servicesor accumulated costs for example, paying for mobile services. A theme can be assigned to a separate terminal, or to a group of terminals.


It gives the advantages of secure access to accepted money and the data used. Service menu is available if even server is out of connection.

Usually, system administrators, tax officials, or others users with necessary access rights, can use service menu. Apache CentOS Server at www.

You can locate here the necessary services for further payment creation. Second, GUI can be flexibly adapted to the requests of any customers.

ATM Automated Teller Fprinf Software is being executed inside the terminal, and it controls all the activities with devices of the terminal. Abonent can perform self-identification in the system for example, for input of private account, first and last names, and so on. If an addressed to this terminal command is found, terminal performs this command.

During this case, terminal periodically requests the commands queue in the server. You can even create a separate screen with additional activation of the terminal devices for example, print the fiscal check when this screen is shown. For example, administrator can request the remote diagnostics, replace the terminal profile with list of services by new one, update the GUI theme, download logs, download current screenshot, reload ATM Software or the terminal itself, block or unblock the terminal, etc.

We already developed these themes. Play fprint pdf To practice some of the options of the fprint command f;rint to notice the differences with the disp command let us write the following mfile that allows calculating the area of the circumference.