FM 55-450-2 PDF

FM 55-450-2 PDF

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Field Manual provide extensive information about FM ( ). FM PREFACE. This manual will assist personnel who perform helicopter internal load missions. It will familiarize them with.

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FM Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations – Chptr 1 Internal Cargo-Carrying Helicopters

The two types of cargo helicopters are the Chinook and the Tarhe. The remaining treadway area will withstand a wheel load of 1, pounds.

Pass the link end of the second chain through or around the left attach- ment point. If this is not possible, follow the procedures outlined in the sample problem in paragraph Bulkhead tie-down fittings are rated for 2, pounds maximum per fitting perpendicular to the bulkhead.

Unless this publication states otherwise, masculine nouns and pronouns do not refer exclusively to men. To form a towing bridle using one tie-down chain, pass the link end of the chain through or around the right point of attachment, then through or around the left point of attachment.

Tetra- chloroethylene must not be taken internally. Pallets may be winched or manually loaded. It has a four-blade main 60A has an 8,pound load capacity r system. The UH-1 Iroquois is a single-turbine-en- gine, single-rotor helicopter with a skid-type land- ing gear Figure Load spreaders shoring are support placed beneath an object to increase floor bearing ar pa to prpypn t excessive concentration of weight.


The differences among models are engine horsepower, rotor size, and cargo compartment size and configurations. They are also used with barrier nets.

To release, pull up on the quick-release lever. Up to three pallets can be winched or manually loaded on the system maxi- mum 7, pounds each.

The differences among models are engine horsepower, rotor size, and cargo compartment size and configurations. Most tie-down devices, out of necessity, must be attached at an angle to the desired direction of restraint. The aviation unit — 1 Coordinates with the supported and receiving units and appoints a liaison officer who is thoroughly familiar with the capabilities and limitations of his unit’s vm aircraft.

Typical Cargo Load for the UH Each side net has adjustable straps between the long and short side to 55-45-02 necessary adjustments depending, on placement of the cargo.

Divide the total moment by the gross weight. These permit the pod to be raised or lowered when fully loaded. In general, 2 inches by 8, 55-4500-2, or 12 inches of shoring can best be used. This allows for 2 inches around the periphery of the pallet to attach straps, nets, or other restraint devices. Concentrated oading should not exceed pounds on any one square foot.

The rails also have indents notches designed to accept the detinet locks located on numerous types of MHE and are found on board all airlift-capable aircraft. The CH Tarhe is a twin-turbine-engine, single-rotor helicopter Figure The L system is the Air Force standard for move- ment of concentrated cargo. Secondary loads are items of baggage or cargo transported in truck beds and trailers.


WARNING To reduce the possibility either of injury to ground crew personnel from flying debris or of an accident resulting from debris being drawn up into the helicopter rotor blades, police the operational area thoroughly.

After applying the tie-down devices required for minimum restraint, check the load to determine if additional tie-down devices are FM required to prevent the load from shifting. The G3 air controls and commits the aviation assets of the division in coor- dination with the requirements of the G3. Then rig and check the winch or tow f. The maximum pounds per square inch psi: The area of contact between the box 555-450-2 the plank will be 6 by 12 inches, or 72 square inches.

The net must be right-side up so the bottom hooTcs will be pointing inward after the nets have been attached to the pallet. This is the most desirable angle. FM 3 The installation 55-450-22 manager will maintain an inspection record and will furnish one copy to the MACOM pallet manager.

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM 55-450-2)

Cushioning material, packing, cellulose feet to a rollNSN In addition, vehicle-type cargo having a load-carrying capability will be marked indicating an empty or loaded CB, as appropriate. It also shows how to compute the CB of loads and correctly use pallets and rollers.

There are two types of load binders: