Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Buy Evelina (The Penguin English Library) UK ed. by Frances Burney (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery. : Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World (): Frances Burney: Books.

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Reverend Villars fears Mme. I have long known that she has persuaded herself to harbour an aversion for me — Unhappy woman! I felt a confusion unspeakable at again seeing him, from the recollection of the ridotto adventure: He is become, very suddenly, so warmly my friend, that I quite dread his officiousness. This surprisingly well written, biting satire, nevertheless an entertaining book by Fanny Burney, as she dives deep into the uppercrust and shows its shortcomings, warts and all, and the people of 18th -century Englandthey reveal a complex society of good and bad Learn More in these related Britannica articles: My foolish embarrassment, I suppose, was the cause of what followed; for he came to me, and took my hand saying, “I do think, that whoever has once seen Miss Anville, must receive an impression never to be forgotten.

I think it’s a disservice to both authors for different reasons. I made no sort of answer: Mirvan consented, and I rose to depart. And yet, through to the end, all of the characters continue to think Mr.

Believe me, my lovely girl, I am truly sensible to the honour of your good opinion, and feel myself deeply penetrated with love and gratitude.


Evelina by Fanny Burney.

In a short time we were joined by Miss Mirvan, who stood next couple to us. I dreaded lest this mischievous man ignorant of his rank, should address himself to Lord Orville, and say something which evelinna expose my artifice. The novel is written in an epistolary fashion, but Burney manages to create distinct characters and personalities within this style.

She loved me as her father; nor was Mrs.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

I was hoping I would see some hints of Jane Austen in this book and I definitely did! Evelina by Frances Burney Letters 9 12 Dec 03, CAN any thing, my good Sir, be more painful to a friendly mind, than a necessity of communicating disagreeable intelligence?

I did not dare contradict them; but I said that my time, while I remained in town, was at the disposal of Mrs. Ignorant of the conventions and behaviours of 18th-century London society, she makes a series of humiliating but humorous faux pas that further expose her to social ridicule.

Evelina by Fanny Burney

I cannot wonder that you sought to monopolize her: He enquired very earnestly if I was not hurt by the accident? It is easy to make fun of this literary fashion, but some of the events in the novel–I’m thinking of the abduction, terrorizing and humiliation of the middle-aged Eevelina. View all 17 comments. And she looks too sensible to be ignorant.

Lord Orville’s genuine affection for Evelina and her assurances that she and Macartney are not involved finally win out over Orville’s jealousy, and he secures a meeting between Evelina and Macartney. Unsociable, I must own, we continued; but very short was the duration of our silence, as we had not proceeded thirty yards before every voice was heard at once — for the coach broke down!


She then entered, — in such a condition! Yet her income will be such as may fsnny her happy, if she is disposed to be so in private life; though it will by no means allow her to enjoy fsnny luxury of a Eve,ina fine lady. This burnry, — from Lord Orville, — so surprised me, that I could not speak; but felt myself change colour, and stood for some moments silent, and looking down: It was absolutely sweet, well crafted, and worth re-reading.

O these fashionable people! The language of adulation, and the incense of flattery, though the natural inheritance, and constant resource, from time immemorial, of the Dedicator, to me offer nothing but the wistful regret that I dare not invoke their aid.

Rather, Evelina needs to retain the best of both worlds: I wish I had been in Dorsetshire. I have no happiness or sorrow, no hope or fear, but what your kindness bestows, or your displeasure may cause. The correspondence you have so sweetly commenced, I shall be proud of continuing; and I hope the strong sense I have of the favour you do me burneu prevent your withdrawing it.