Ledderhose disease is a type of plantar fibromatosis characterized by the growth of hard and round or flattened nodules (lumps) on the soles of the feet. La enfermedad de Ledderhose es una hiperproliferación benigna de fibroblastos y colágeno a nivel de la aponeurosis plantar. Patología de baja incidencia y. Fibromatosis plantar o enfermedad de Ledderhose, como causa de dolor plantar. Authors: JdD. Beas-Jiménez, R.A. Centeno-Prada, C. García-Antúnez, M.D.

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Rare diseases Dermal and subcutaneous growths. In contrast to Dupuytren disease, flexion deformities usually do not occur 9. Page views in Additionally, feet have leddsrhose carry heavy load, and surgery might have unpleasant side effects. Below is a graph from a presentation by Seegenschmiedt et al. Clear guidelines for who should be treated by radiotherapy and who not are still missing. At the same time not diseased areas are usually not irradiated to minimize risk of cancer and to allow later treatment in case DD should start in those areas.

Marking of nodule dotted, center and to be radiated area prior to treatment. Read this article at SciELO. As in most forms of fibromatosisit is usually benign and its onset varies with each patient. There is also a suspected, although unproven, link between incidence and alcoholismsmokingliver diseases, enfeermedad problems, and stressful work involving the feet.

Palmar fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture Fibroblasts and myofibroblasts Plantar fibromatosis Ledderhose’s disease Fibroblasts and myofibroblasts Penile fibromatosis Peyronie’s Penile plaques are composed of collagen fibrils, amorphous particulate material and fibroblasts Int J Urol ;4: The aggressiveness of Dupuytren’s disease may depend on several factors, one of them being age.

As the growth of a nodule is the net effect enfermeadd building new cells and of removing dead cells, the slowing down of the growth of new cells can result in shrinking and softening of the nodule.


Palmar fibromatosis Dupuytren’s contracture Vimentinvariable muscle specific and smooth muscle actin in proliferative phase Plantar fibromatosis Ledderhose’s disease Vimentinvariable muscle specific and smooth muscle actin.

Plantar fibromatosis

In radiation therapy, the nodules and cords associated with Dupuytren’s are irradiated from a distance of. The effectiveness of radiotherapy depends on the stage of the disease. If it doesn’t, surgeryNA eldderhose collagenase injection are still possible.

Other family members also affected. Seegenschmiedt, Strahlenzentrum Hamburg Nord, Germany Where radiotherapists have limited experience in diagnosing Dupuytren’s it might be feasible to consult an experienced hand surgeon for marking the nodules. It is very promising in the early nodular stage where the nodules are relatively small. Case 4 Case 4. As radiotherapy of Dupuytren and Ledderhose disease often also relieves pain, patients suffering from painful disease might also be potential candidates for radiotherapy.

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It would also be of interest to locate affected family members for genetic study. Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads.

Version 1 – Current Version 1. Nodules and cords identified by the patient left and the additional findings of the physician right.

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Case 8 Case 8. Below pictures were provided by Dr. D ICD – Radiotherapy has been shown to reduce the size of the nodules and reduce the pain associated with them. We believe it is recommendable to review the pathology for its correct treatment and referral where necessary. It is important enfermfdad understand that not every patient with Dupuytren’s nodules will experience contracture. A low incidence pathology and considered by some authors as a rare disease.

Pathology Outlines – Fibromatosis – superficial

Familia de 9 hermanos con 4 afectados de fibromatosis plantar y 6 con enfermedad de Dupuytren. Inadequate excision is the leading cause of recurrence.

Seegenschmiedt, Strahlenzentrum Hamburg Nord, Germany. Prior to radiotherapy the to be irradiated area has to be defined by the physician. Treatment by radiotherapy probably makes sense for patients with aggressive Dupuytren’s where RT can slow down or halt disease progression and who otherwise would have to face later surgery or frequent minimally invasive treatments.


Log in Sign up. Local excision with a wide margin is the definitive treatment for painful or disabling lesions, but recurrences are common The histological and ultrastructural features of Ledderhose and Dupuytren’s disease are enferedad same, which supports the hypothesis that they have a common cause and pathogenesis. After a break of 6 weeks, this treatment is repeated.

We present the case of a sixty-three year old woman suffering from Ledderhose disease from adolescence, along with Dupuytren’s disease diseases which can frequently be linked.

The patient is shielded from radiation by the equipment itself, by a lead mask between the x-ray conus and the hand defining the radiated areathe material under the hand, and the lead apron. The irradiated area is marked on the hand. MRI tends to be more accurate than x-ray or ultrasound, showing the full extent of the condition.

Georg Ledderhosea German surgeon who described the condition for the first time in Plantar fascial fibromatosisalso known as Ledderhose’s diseaseMorbus Ledderhoseand plantar fibromatosisis a relatively uncommon [2] non-malignant thickening of the feet’s deep connective tissue, or fascia.

This disease is not very well known in primary care, probably due to wnfermedad low incidence. Case 2 Case 2. Even the walking difficulties and pain got much better.

Dupuytren’s contracture Plantar fibromatosis Aggressive fibromatosis Knuckle pads. Penile fibromatosis Peyronie’s 59 year old man with human penile ossification Sao Paulo Med J ;