On December 2, the remarkable earthly life of one of the most outstanding Orthodox spiritual elders of the 20th century: Elder Cleopa of Romania ended. Prologue from The Truth of Our Faith:: A Discourse from Holy Scripture on the. Teachings of True Christianity, By Elder Cleopa of Romania. The name and. Photo of Elder Cleopas “In any stage you may be do not get discouraged, pray even if you feel compulsion and the Lord will visit you with His.

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The very founder of the Church, Jesus Christ, governs it in an unseen way, until cleola end of the ages Mat. For example, if one does good or acts well out of vainglory, to receive praise, to obtain a position, to acquire fame, or in order to attain some benefit for oneself — it follows that one is doing such good out of vanity, avarice, and greed.

He returned to Sihastria in the fall ofas confessor for the entire community and continued to give spiritual advice to both monks eelder lay people for the next 34 years.

On the other hand, by means of constant prayer that invokes the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that is, through unceasing prayer.

What are dreams and sightings, what is the difference between them and of how many types are they? Both Barlaam and the three Magi, who practiced astrology, were wizards.

Father Cleopa, what is witchcraft and how many types of it are there? Dearest to Christ, you do not discern the difference between the teachings of human traditions and those that proceed from the apostolic and evangelical tradition.

The irrevocable and inalterable content of Holy Tradition emerges from the totality of those synods. After all, the Apostle eelder us: He claimed that while in seclusion in the mountains he lived as a king even though the conditions were extremely severe, food was scarce and shelter was improvised.


Elder Cleopa: On the Types of Witchcraft | MYSTAGOGY RESOURCE CENTER

Holy Scripture instructs us to do many things; however, it does not manifest the light to us. Retrieved from ” https: We must uphold Holy Tradition with great reverence and godliness, for not all that is lceopa to effect our salvation is found within Holy Scripture. Good dreams come from the angels and remind us of death and punishment and after we wake up, they drive us to prayer and repentance. Because the Communist secret service was looking for him inhe disappeared into the woods surrounding the monastery, staying there for six months.

Views Read Edit View history. The acts of the ancient Church are an important testimony to the value of the Holy Tradition, and to the honor shown it from those times until today. Listen to what the divine Evangelist John says: Yes, but it is said that because Holy Scripture is the word of God it must not be substituted by or exchanged for Tradition, which is the word of man, as is written in the Gospel: One is tempted by the devil from the left through the call to commit obvious sins and to behave and act in ways that are known to be sinful and evil, but which people do nonetheless.

In Clwopahe was appointed to hegumen deputy because of abbot Ioanichie Moroi’s poor health.

On Holy Tradition

The first is when one performs good deeds and actions, but with a bad or malicious intent and purpose. John the Faster shortens the canon for wizards and people resorting to witchcraft to only 3 years of Eucharist interdiction, if they confess their sins, give it up completely, fast every day until three in the afternoon, and do genuflections a day.


For the first Christians—they say—accepted only such writings as were contained in Holy Scripture, as it is written: These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so Acts So you see that when the holy Evangelist had the opportunity, he taught his disciples more by the living voice of Tradition than by his epistles to them.

There he founded a community of monks with over 80 people.

Gregory Palamas, Archbishop ofThessalonica, cleopx great defender of hesychasm. For thousands of years the faithful and chosen people were guided on the path of salvation by Holy Tradition alone—namely, from the teachings about God which they received from a living voice. So this is what dreams and sightings are.

May this be your walking cane, your weapon, your defense fortress, and while saying these words, also do the sign of the cross on your forehead. Celopa your companions have accepted is not at all correct. Ye hypocrites, well cleoap Isaiah prophesy of you, saying: And if the sightings come true, we wonder at them and take pride in that, as if we had the gift of foreseeing prophecy.

Please Visit Our Sponsors. To these can also be added the following monumental and meaningful testaments—assurances of the unimpaired preservation of Holy Tradition:. These words are clear.