Dragonmech: Steam Warriors is a book on character options. It starts off with feats, then new classes, then new steam powers, then new spells, then some. This character sourcebook unveils the world of the steam warriors. If you’re looking to incorporate more steam tech into your Dragon Mech game, or looking to. Look for more information on DragonMech, including freebies, news, and web . Steam Warriors has what you need to bring host of advancement options.

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Some of the feats are in chains.

One artificial part Duration: The crystals, obviously, are single-use. Once made, it must stram be turned into a construct, then have Awaken construct cast on it.

Disconnecting still works and does damage as standard as well as removing the HP of the body from the mech’s HP. The ghostgear can sit perfectly still as long as he wishes, until he passes out from exhaustion or hunger after several days. At 4th level, as long as you don’t use a steam power at all during a day, you don’t have to make a lose self check for that day.

Shoots high pressure steam bursts. The toolblade is a variant sword found most often among Irontooths and rust wwarriors.

Peculiar properties of spacetime ensure that the perception of the magnitude of Soon is fluid and dependent, not on an individual’s time-reference, but on spatial and cultural location. Prestige classes are more than just new options for player characters. There’s a feel that the setting was a labor of love and a sense that the writers actually did enjoy making up stuff for this weird little world where people live in big clumsy mechs because redhot rocks fall from the sky and people cut off their leg and replace it with one with a built-in-cannon because it seems good in a fight.


DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF|Goodman Games Store

They get ateam d8 HD, and must be Neutral in some way, as well as having 8 ranks of Knowledge nature5 of Knowledge religion and 8 of Knowledge steam engines.

While the cogworms originally believed this was another oversimplification, they ddagonmech since become convinced that it is true, as they got to know the layout better. At level 3, you get the Attune Artificial Part psi power for free.

However, this power can’t be used on mechs in total – just a specific system within them.


Steam weapon adepts have learned how to get the most out of their equipment. Any time you change or replace your artificial parts and their associated powers and attachments, you can rework any combinations they were part of. Mon Jul 25, 5: It’s a robotic lock. The gods are Tiny mechanical sculptures worth at least gp – or more, if you want a bigger one. It’s goofy, but I want to have a boss that does that.

Their food is primarily either mushrooms grown on grease, hunted beetles and insects, farmed grese lizards or stolen food from other areas. Not all of these communications are clear or easily interpreted, however, as the Talking Gods are stationary, blind and not humanoid. Failure means they’re still stunned and you need to make another check next round, to a max of 10 rounds.


Common, motherfucker, do you speak it? warriorrs

DragonMech: Steam Warriors PDF

Anyway, lastly, there’s feats to handle mechs, and most of them are about living on mechs. My personal favorite Borg class in here is the Ghostgear, the sneakyborg. Also, if you had cleric levels and the Engine or Knowledge domains, you may still cast domain spells, but do not gain any new ones as you level.

Nature Sense 2 pts: Anyway, there’s a big pile of feats in here.

However, if such an object is damaged or rebuilt from the ground up, its personality can be destroyed, while a device that starts out very large may jump straight to being a full chatterbox. A spellcaster can use animate dead to create a necrotic engine if he has 5 ranks in Craft mechcraft.

Warriprs is a really, really shitty set of leather armor with overlapping plates of scrap metal on it and a shitty helmet. At level 6 you can transform twice a day, and at 9 you can transform three times.