DISOGRIN Asymmetrical U-Cup. Rod series U-cup with an asymmetrical profile of the sealing lips, chamfered sealing edges. Knife cut static and dynamic lips for . The Disogrin RO Rod Seal offers superb sealing performance as either a primary or secondary sealing element. ROXXU, Disogrin Asymmetrical Rod Seal . Shopping and catalog features will not work without cookies. polyurethane U Disorigin Simrit O-Rings. Choose from the simrit oring catalog at MFP Seals. View Disogrin. For pricebreaks, please login to your.

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Please see Design Tolerance section for complete details on machine tolerances. No pressure release is needed for these seals with a good pump-back action. The following tables are designed. The square or rectangular load ring provide positive, no drift sealing in many cylinder applications.

The piston seal T19 is fitted for pressure to both sides of the piston and is Max. Vickers Hydraulic Pump on Boeingand Aircraft. didogrin

Automotive brake fluids Automotive transmission fluids 6. When the piston rod is depressed the hydraulic oil is forced through the adjustable precision.

Dragon Tooth, diogrin insulation piercing connector 5. The unique thing about this series is that it will interchange with existing seals already being used. Kristina Hopkins 2 years ago Views: All Merkel More information. With superior performance, these. No adhesion effect on sliding surface, even after a long standstill. Quad -rings The sealing principle of the Quad ring is nearly the same as the O-ring sealing. Performance capabilities can be extended with the use of an anti-extrusion ring.


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Jump to metric unloaded U-cup sizes. Proper storage catalov can result More information. Easy to install, will not retro fit any other grooves. Series is a rectangular cross section. This causes the seal to be more responsive to high speed pressure shifts. Replacing an O-ring Max. This will insure centering and compensate for any side loading or misalignment.

Urethane U-cups, commonly known as Disogrin U-cups, work well in both static and dynamic applications. Packing and gaskets Page of Packing and gaskets Page of 7.

Please see size listing for dimensions for each part. The lightly rounded sealing edge wipes dirt away safely and leaves a residual oil film on the retracting rod.

Safety Catheter is designed to reduce hit-and-miss disogrinn attempts by More information. Easy to install and low cost. Piston Nut Lock nut, grade 8, high tensile zinc-plated 5.


Catalog Wiper

Packing and gaskets Page of 7. Prevents damages caused by back pressure. The rounded-off sealing profile and the flexible center part give a good seal with low friction and maintain an effective lubrication film. The PI is resistant to pressure spikes and diesel effect.

Disorigin Simrit ORings: Polyurethane Orings | MFP SEALS

Self-aligning ball bearings Self-aligning ball bearings Designs The result is superior performance and longer operating life than other urethane wipers.

M-Seals are generally rectangular in cross section providing improved stability to resist cocking, twisting, sticking, and vatalog.

General Motor pumps and hydraulic power More information. This is due to the initial leakage of the seal is being cataloy by the secondary sealing lip. This type of seal design will not withstand a great amount of side loading. Proper storage precautions can result.


Delta Spray Features disogein Benefits. For new designs we recommend the modern design series. A hydraulic cylinder seal is used to seal two surfaces under fluctuating pressure.