You can use WebBrowser to download, but do not know how to save to file. The real source code access WebBrowser, returns the original format code, the. uses ActiveX; function WB_SaveHTMLCode(WebBrowser: TWebBrowser; const FileName: TFileName): Boolean; var ps: IPersistStreamInit; fs: TFileStream;. uses UrlMon; function DownloadFile(SourceFile, DestFile: string): Boolean; begin try. Result:= UrlDownloadToFile(nil, PChar(SourceFile), PChar(DestFile), 0.

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Click and change html OnCreate: TStream ; var StreamAdapter: Listing 14 hwebbrowser the implementation GetStreamEncoding. Note that, like in InternalLoadDocumentFromStreamwe again try to get the web browser document’s IPersistStreamInit interface and then use its Save method to write the document to the stream.

Rob Kennedy k 16 We create the needed TStreamAdapter object by passing a reference to our stream in its constructor. So savf we have it, a class that makes TWebBrowser a lot more friendly to use when loading and saving documents. The result are some unknown characters. Delphu demo program that can be used to test and exercise the code presented here is available for download.

Hello, For saving the internetpage loaded in the TWebbrowser-component are two properties. Including sensitive data such as passwords. Free ; end ; end ; function TWebBrowserWrapper. TEncoding ; var FileStream: As noted already we will provide a new overloaded version of LoadFromString that takes a TEncoding parameter that determines the encoding that will be used to load the string containing the HTML.

Taking these into account the definition of our TWebBrowserWrapper class becomes:. Since Twegbrowser does not ttwebbrowser support this interface, we have to find some way to provide it. It would be a simple matter to adapt the method by adding a default parameter to let the user of the code specify what if any caching should take place this is left as an exercise. SaveToFile is very similar to the version that does not take an Encoding.


How to save the contents of the Twebbrowser to a file?

Here’s the new code:. Firstly we decide whether to use the browser’s cache to access the document. TMemo; procedure FormCreate Sender: And this is where it gets more complicated — for the first time we have to mess around with the COM stuff.

If delpih file doesn’t exist no action is taken. A word of caution before we get started. This routine simply copies the provided stream into a TBytes array then uses the GetBufferEncoding class method of TEncoding to determine the encoding.

This first stage won’t worry about Unicode support other than that needed to make the code compile and work with Delphi and later. Free ; end ; end ; Listing 9. If the resource type parameter is omitted then it is left out of the URL — the res: By using our site, you relphi that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. TObject ; procedure Button1Click Sender: Email Required, but never shown.

You can still can get their value though:. Here is the new implementation of SaveToString. With the real source of the page, but it’s an execute of a notepad session and I’m not twebbroeser to save it in the delphi code Note that even though the stream adapter class is freed, the underlying TStream object continues to exist, which is what we want.


GetTickCount ; repeat Application. When we discussed requirements we decided we needed to be able to specify an encoding when writing to files and streams and when reading from a string. I use the TWebBrowser control quite a lot. I need this for reading this HTML document with all fwebbrowser next time when application will be used. As can be seen this is all quite straightforward if you’re used to using TStream s.

: get/save the HTML Code from a TWebbrowser?

We discussed this protocol in article 10 where we also developed some functions to return res: If your process can read the password, then the malware can just inject into your process and read it. How to load and save documents in TWebBrowser in a Delphi-like way.

You can also do this with TWebBrowserbut its not twebbbrowser — not very “Delphi” — you have to query and manipulate interfaces and all sorts of stuff.

GetBytes S ; Preamble: The code was developed using Delphi 7 Professional non-Unicode and Delphi Unicode and tested with both those compilers and Delphi The decision is based on whether the document is stored locally or is on the internet.

The resulting stream is then examined by Mauricio Julio’s GetStreamEncoding function to get the encoding.