Langston Hughes’ “Cora Unashamed” is probably one of my favorite short stories . The Ways of White Folks is probably even one of my favorite. In the short story “Cora Unashamed,” by. Langston Hughes, Cora Jenkins is a black maid for the Studevant family in Iowa. In this particular town. Summary The author Langston Hughes provides an emotional story about African-American Ma Jenkins and her eldest daughter Cora worked as servants for.

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In the title role, Regina Taylor is ideally cast; she is an actor of both passion and subtlety, and she brings to the role of Cora, as written here, all that might be asked.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cora Jenkins was one of the least of the citizens of Melton.

Studevant tells her to leave and she seems fine with leaving, she leaves the house with a smile on her face. The undertaker who had courted her took charge of her body.

And before that—well, somebody had to help Ma look after one baby behind another that kept on coming. She gets angry with God. Since all the colored people of the town knew that each one of these men had been intimate ccora the girl, they wondered what would happen at her funeral.


Her daughter Josephine also has a love for words. She constantly asks Cora what certain words mean. Cora Unashamed is a masterful Hughes short story, the moving tale of Cora Jenkins, a housemaid from the only black familyin a rural Iowa town in the early 20th century.

Notify me of new comments via email. Cora has a daughter, the child of a brief love affair with a white boy passing through. Rise up like a unazhamed and drift away. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is evident the pair love each other deeply. Cora speaks out for Jessie and finally, painfully, Mr. The years pass and when Jessie is in high school she finds a love of her own, with attendant complications. Pa drives a junk wagon. All three men were present, but nothing happened. Cora was the oldest of a family of eight children—the Jenkins niggers. Cora, come here…Cora, put…Cora…Cora…Cora!

She wanted to be a sstory but had to leave to work. She had been in Melton for forty years.

Cora Unashamed – Wikipedia

All three of these men enjoyed her favors. Jessie’s mother is very blunt and harsh towards her children expecting perfection. They never see each other again. This story was not sugar coated at all. The film begins in Melton, Iowa. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

After this she is gets angry and numb to the world. Studevant remains one dimensional and adds nothing to the clearly etched and concise character in the story. Their family has been working for the same family ever since then. She was just buried.


December 20, at 2: Masterpiece Theatre is launching a new American Collection series with a two hour teleplay based on Cora Unashamed. Email Stoey never made public.

She worked for the Studevants, who treated her like a dog. The kids were born there.

“Cora Unashamed” by Langston Hughes

We don’t learn why he isn’t with Cora until the end of unashamev film. I began to turn over in my mind a story that a young lawyer in California, Loren Miller, had told me.

Where they came from originally—that is, the old folks—God knows. She is a loving woman and her love transcends the ugliness of her experience; she is true to herself and unashamed of her loving, regardless of the unfounded disapproval of others. And it was miles from any city at all—even Sioux City.

The Studevants thought they owned her, and they were perfectly right: I caught myself crying more than once. I enjoyed this film. Jessie becomes pregnant, much to her mother’s dismay. She constantly belittles Jessie. Everything was cohesive and fit the correct period.