Jump to navigation Jump to search. Portuguese[edit]. Noun[edit]. condensados de Bose-Einstein m. plural of condensado de Bose-Einstein. Retrieved from. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Dinámica de vórtices en un condensado de Bose-Einstein | We numerically solve the Gross-Pitaevskii equation for a. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , M Casas and others published Los condensados de Bose-Einstein: las quinta y sexta fase de la materia.

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It arises from a subtle interplay of electronic and nuclear spins: Bose—Einstein condensate is depicted as rinstein which was demystified as Bose—Einstein condensate in Netflix Originals Spectral.

Bose-Einstein condensate

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Most likely they formed molecules of two rubidium atoms; [32] energy gained by this bond imparts velocity sufficient to leave the trap elnstein being detected.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Self-sustainability and emergence of spatial extent”. Rasel from Leibniz University of Hanover.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. So the probability distribution is exponential:. It is widely believed that…. This is particularly likely for an axially symmetric for instance, harmonic confining potential, which is commonly used.

condensados de Bose-Einstein

Research on BECs has expanded the understanding of quantum physics and has led to the discovery condensadoss new physical effects. Bose—Einstein condensation of quasiparticles.


How do we rigorously prove the existence of Bose—Einstein condensates for general interacting systems? This formula is derived from finding the gas degeneracy in the Bose gas using Bose—Einstein statistics.

A Bose—Einstein condensate Boze is a state of matter of a dilute gas of bosons cooled to temperatures very close to absolute zero If the two states are equal in energy, each different configuration is equally likely.

We can poke it and prod it and look at this stuff in a way no one has been able to before. Moreover, for some physical systems the amount of such terms turns out to be infinite, therefore, the equation becomes essentially non-polynomial. It was quickly believed that the superfluidity was due to partial Bose—Einstein condensation of the liquid.

Excitonselectron-hole pairs, were predicted to condense at low temperature and high density by Boer et al. The process of creation of molecular Bose condensate during the sweep of the magnetic field throughout the Feshbach resonance, as well as the reverse process, are described by the exactly solvable model that can explain many experimental observations.

condensados de Bose-Einstein – Wiktionary

Through Feshbach resonance involving a sweep of the magnetic field causing spin flip eonstein, they lowered the characteristic, discrete energies at which rubidium bonds, making their Rb atoms repulsive condensadks creating a stable condensate.

Retrieved 25 June The former type, called bosonsincludes photons, whose spin is 1. Although solitons carry no charge and are thus prone to decay, relatively long-lived dark solitons have been produced and studied extensively.


July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Potential applications include more-accurate atomic clocks and enhanced techniques to make electronic chips, or integrated circuits. Fast optical exciton creation was used to form condensates in sub-kelvin Cu 2 O in einshein. Polariton condensation was firstly detected for exciton-polaritons in a quantum well microcavity kept at 5 K.

Bose-Einstein condensate | physics |

BECs are related to two remarkable low-temperature phenomena: Under corresponding conditions, below the temperature of phase transition, these phenomena were observed in helium-4 and different classes of superconductors. These manipulations hold promise for new types of light-based telecommunicationsoptical storage of data, and quantum computingthough the low-temperature requirements of BECs offer practical difficulties.

In the indistinguishable case, each value of K is a single state, which has its own separate Boltzmann probability. Binodal Compressed fluid Cooling curve Equation of state Leidenfrost effect Macroscopic quantum phenomena Mpemba effect Order and disorder physics Spinodal Superconductivity Superheated vapor Superheating Thermo-dielectric effect.

From this point on, any extra particle added will go into the ground state. Help us improve this article!

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