R&S®CMU Universal Radio Communication Tester For more general information about the R&S®CMU, refer to the product . in manual mode. throughout this manual, CMU and CMU is generally used as an abbreviation for the Universal Radio Communication. Testers R&S CMU and R&S. note that not all GSM options described in this manual are supported. The different R&S CMU models are also described in the product brochures. The high.

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Discrete values and parameters are displayed in output fields, lists and tables.

Rohde & Schwarz R&s CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester GSM GPRS WCDMA

Do not use open maanual unshielded cables in order to comply with EMC directives! Tabs in popup menus are also accessible via hotkeys. This is convenient if an interrupted session is to be resumed or if the instrument is generally used in a definite operating mode. A verify window pops up where the reset can be confirmed. Allow for sufficient air supply in the rack.

The name of the option being enabled and the serial number of the CMU are automatically entered into the corresponding fields. An item that has been used previously. When switching over to another output, the current value of RF Level is automatically adapted, if required: Activating the input field and auxiliary editor To activate the input field press the associated softkey.

Pasting the file does not affect the Paste Buffer. Please feel free to message us any questions you may have.

The hotkey toggles between the two versions of the tab. To select another version, the list can be scrolled using the rotary knob or the cursor cku200.


Ediseja 21 CMU 200 User Manual Page 28

This function depends on the storage media and the number of software installation versions available; see Table on page 1. Tabs Popup menus come without tabs 1 single window or with several tabs pages. Repetition Mode The repetition mode defines how many statistics cycles are measured if the measurement is not stopped by a limit failure see stop condition On Limit Failure below.

The following interfaces are available: The Frequency softkey defines the frequency of the measured signal and the resolution bandwidth. Further information on the options can be found in the data sheet. Additional hardware accessories are listed in the Hardware Equipment section. In the HLT state, the instrument resources are not released; the application is still available.

Below we list some essentials for first users: The level ranges for the input connectors are shifted as well. Ch1 active Ch2 Activate box checked or deactivate software option on the next reboot. Activate the current firmware configuration.

The available function groups e. This setting is identical with the frequency setting in the graphical measurement menus Power p. If the softkey is assigned to a panel with several controls, use the cursor key to select the desired input field. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for?.

Service manual modules contains information about the individual modules of CMU. On the right side, additional information is given. Delivery Options see all.

Defining a center Frequency in the Analyzer Settings panel implies that only signals around this frequency are analyzed. Upgrade Replace the base software version or network option selected in the software version selection dialog. Includes power cable and GSM test chip. The tree can be expanded and compressed using the rotary knob see Chapter 3, Expanding menu tables.


The following brief overview is intended to avoid confusion of terms. From a list discrete bandwidths between 10 Hz and 1 MHz can be selected.

CMU To make processing of the generated data files easier, we recommend to use the External output destination. The menu is particularly useful for handling files containing user data such as: This is of particular importance when the instrument is used for the first time. In contrast to the Activate software dialog, the software selection dialog handles base software versions and network options separately.

Ediseja 21 CMU User Manual (Page 28 of 28)

To switch over between the tabs of the setup menu use the hotkeys displayed at the bottom of the display. The function of the softkeys is as follows: Thank you for checking out our listing. Screen-Dump Landscape Copy of the current display in landscape format An example of a screen-dump copy is shown in a preview to the right of the select field.

Pressing the softkey i. Exit Write log files to disk For applications in the laboratory or on a work bench, it is recommended that the support feet on the bottom of the instrument be extended. To switch on the CMU set the mains switch to the position I.