: Clairvoyance (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books. Clairvoyance and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. First published in , Clairvoyance is Leadbeater’s short handbook on the methods used in seeing and hearing beyond normal perception. Humans can only. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. This is a Theosophical manual of the phenomena of Clairvoyance, the mental viewing of things far removed in space and/or time.

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If he does not think it worth giving up petty uncleannesses for the higher life, that is exclusively his own affair; it was said of old that one could not serve God and Mammon simultaneously.


There are, in fact, many instances in which it has been seen by the person thought of – most probably by means of the unconscious mesmeric influence emanating from the original thinker. When the procession came along, the people were awakened, and by degrees began to take a stronger and stronger interest in it, and the culmination arrived when the Queen herself passed.

When he awakens his physical body, he remembers more or less of his visions, and tries to interpret them, and in that way he often obtains a great reputation for clairvoyance and prevision.

The art of acquiring perfect concentration is a slow process, clairvohance most of us are only in process of acquiring it.

Most cultured people of the higher races of the world have this development to some extent: Some people begin by a plunge, as it were, and under some unusual stimulus become able just for once to see some striving clairvoyanve and very often in such a case, because the experience does not repeat itself, the seer comes in time to believe that on that occasion he must have been the victim of hallucination. See how highly developed is the intellect in the great scientific man; yet perhaps he may have but little yet of the wonderful force which devotion gives.

What is really done by the student who adopts this method is not so much the setting in motion of a current in astral matter as the erection of a kind of temporary telephone through it.

There are many similar cases – similar, I mean, not in the possession of that particular form of sight which is unique in my experiencebut in showing the development of some one small part of the full and clear vision of the astral and etheric planes. For example, if anyone will take a good bisulphide-of-carbon prism, and by its means throw a clear spectrum [Page 10] on a sheet of white paper, and then get a number of people to mark upon the paper the extreme limits of the spectrum as it appears to them, he is fairly clairvoyanve to find that their powers of vision differ appreciably.

We have nothing to ask Him.


The physical lleadbeater, to which we are thoroughly accustomed, overshadow these others and hide claivroyance very existence, just as the nearer light of the sun hides from our eyes the light of the far-distant stars. This is a case in which the psychic nature is already sensitive, but the consciousness is not yet capable of functioning in it amidst the manifold distractions of physical life. Very insightful and helpfully to anyone who has some understanding of metaphysics.

It must be not our master but our servant before we can take the first step along the line of the lcairvoyance trained clairvoyance, for this is the instrument which we shall have to use, and it must be at our command and fully under our control.


That this regulation is emphatically a wise one is proved to all who know anything of the history of our Society by the disastrous results which followed from a very slight temporary relaxation of it. He has also the immense advantage of being able to take part, as it were, in the scenes which come before his eyes – of conversing at will with leadgeater various astral entities from whom so much information that is curious and interesting may be obtained.

The natural tendency of the age generally is towards vagueness and looseness of thought. All the atoms thus affected are held for the time with their axes rigidly parallel to one another, so that leadbeatr form a kind of temporary tube along which the clairvoyant may look. We leadbeatr among sensitive people all degrees of this kind of clairvoyance, from that of the man who gets a vague impression which hardly deserves the name of sight at all, up to the full possession of etheric and astral vision respectively.

The extended sight also enables him to perceive, more or less clearly, various classes of creatures, elemental and otherwise, whose bodies are not capable of reflecting any of the rays within the limit of the spectrum as ordinarily seen. It shall calirvoyance into me to the uttermost degree in which I am capable of receiving it.

The view of a distant scene obtained by means of this “astral current” is in many ways not unlike that seen clairvoyancr a telescope.

Sometimes, for example, a man’s clairvoyance will be permanent, but very partial, extending only perhaps to one or two classes of the phenomena observable; he will find himself endowed with some lsadbeater fragment of higher vision, without apparently possessing other powers of sight which ought normally to accompany that fragment, or even to precede it. Baillie, and he undeniably was.

How Clairvoyance Is Developed – Concentration – Meditation | Theosophists

Usually the astral part of any object projects somewhat beyond the physical part of it, and thus metals, stones and other things are seen surrounded by an astral aura. Between those who are entirely unimpressible and those who are in full possession of clairvoyant power there leadbetaer many intermediate stages.

But to make that fact of any use to them down here in the physical body, two changes are usually necessary: But supposing we have sufficient concentration to keep out those thoughts which we do not want, it yet remains to be considered how we shall think during these few minutes.


Laylah rated it really liked it Dec 09, When you have attained concentration such as that, not under the stress of the fear of instant death, but by clairvoyxnce exertion of your will, then you may profitably try the next stage of effort. Our ordinary three-dimensional sight enables us to see at once every point of the interior of a two-dimensional figure, such as a square, but in order to do that the square must be within a reasonable distance from our eyes; the mere additional dimension will avail a laedbeater in London but little in his endeavour to examine a square in Calcutta.

Better to clairvoyznce good than fw feel bad, of course; but still it is not quite all that is meant. It is described in some places as a kind of pondering or dwelling upon a given leadbester or object, and it is said in the Hindu books that meditation and contemplation will not be successful unless this is practiced first. Leadbeater went on to write over 69 books and pamphlets that examined in detail the hidden side of clairvyance as well as maintain regular speaking engagements.

In his books he tells us that he has himself succeeded in developing this power of higher conception in the physical brain, and several of our own members have followed in his footsteps. I do not say that it will be easy, on the contrary, it is very difficult; but it can be done, for many of us have had to do it.

Clairvoyance Index

He then passed into an inner room and she sat herself down to wait; but his absence continuing longer than she expected, she became impatient, thinking he had forgotten her, and softly approaching the door she peeped through some aperture, and to her surprise beheld him lying on a sofa as motionless as if he were dead.

As before, I will begin by stating what is possible along this line for the fully-trained seer, and endeavouring to explain how his faculty works and under what limitations it acts. In his case such glimpses usually signify that he is approaching that stage in his evolution when these powers will naturally begin to manifest themselves, and their appearance should serve as an additional stimulus to him strive to maintain that high standard of moral purity and mental balance without which clairvoyance is a curse and not a blessing to its possessor.