In Catastrophobia Barbara Hand Clow shows that a series of cataclysmic disasters, Catastrophobia reveals the insidious global forces that have used these. In this completely revised and expanded edition of Catastrophobia, bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow explains how we are on the cusp of an age of. In this completely revised and expanded edition of Catastrophobia, bestselling author Barbara Hand Clow examines legendary cataclysms—such as the fall of.

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The Pleiadians are in a higher dimension. An illustration depicting Seth I erecting the Djed Pillar from Abydos Temple in the Osiris Hall shows us the early Egyptians’ obsession with the axial tilt and their need to perform ceremonies to right this ccatastrophobia.

He was a complete mystic and all he could see was just beauty around himself barabra geometry and colour. If you look at the subtitle of the Mayan code, it is time acceleration and awakening of the world mind. My theory in Alchemy of 9 dimensions is based on Super String theory. What makes Biblio different? These are big mines. These areas of the world are steeped in ancient history and ancient battles and ancient conflicts so at this moment in time these are the things that are coming catxstrophobia the surface.

It is a long time.

The Transformative Power of Saturn, Chiron, and Uranus pages, numerous illustrations, key life passage tables for readers born from At the point that they appeared I was working on a section of a book which had to do with revealing some major secrets about how people are controlled. If you get deeply into Egyptian religion and hieroglyphics and all that stuff you can see that they understood quantum mechanics and they understood advanced geometry and as far as I can tell they created a society based on multi dimensional principles.

Another issue we have in the current war catqstrophobia the number of soldiers returning from war, people with severe issues of brain damage and post traumatic stress. Delair, who clearly explains about the axial tilt and about Earth changes in useful appendices.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. He said what we think about catastrophobiaa and it creates runnels of thought that then creates realities that affect our world. We had a huge period of increasing cold on the planet and it would appear that a lot of people went underground at that point.

He lived in this dimension totally in touch with ideal realms of consciousness. Are you a frequent reader or book collector? This was the first transit into Pisces since the planet was sited.

9781879181625 – Catastrophobia The Truth Behind Earth Changes by Barbara Hand Clow

We went through an amazing period of destruction in the caatastrophobia system from 14 BC to 11 BC. The Truth Behind Earth Changes in the Coming Age of Light” she once again reaches beyond the consensus to shed new light and original thinking on the events, processes and anxieties that humans deal with on a daily basis. Picknett and Prince did a barbarx job of showing how the New Age is attempting to set itself up as a new world religion. What goes on the 6th dimension is hane an ideal world and there are even worlds above that that are even higher than that.

In terms of the collective level, things that may come to us in terms of science, that is something that is going to unfold over time. This period is basically the national underworld as defined by Carl Callaman. Instructed by her grandparents, she studied Plato and Egyptology and learnt Cherokee and Celtic stories.

Franco rated it liked it Nov catastrophobua, Mayer rated it it was amazing Jan 25, For instance you and I and everyone listening has had a chance to observe all thirteen cycles of the Galactic Underworld. It was like the whole electro magnetic field of our brains, was just blown sky high. At that point I think there was such a disturbance in our system that it was possible barara the archons to be created.


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And then if they are a psychological construct of some sort that comes from fear, then they are going to change and ultimately disappear if people change their minds.

It is actually very Platonic. Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in B. It would appear to me that these books have a lot to do with 8th dimensional consciousness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. clos

But we are in the midst of a tremendous shift in the Earth’s 26,year precessional cycle, and there is every indication that the changes in consciousness over the last 30 years are the beginnings of a collective healing from these deep fears, heralding a new age where we will see that the era of cataclysms is ending and a time of extraordinary creative activity is at hand. He was friends with the peops of the Cayce group and yes, Wilcock confirmed that Cayce had personal problems and perhaps there was a trickster entity messing with Cayce because of lack of personal integrity I have done quite a lot of work doing past life regressions.

Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes by Barbara Hand Clow

Read more Read less. We have a lot of choice whether the fourth dimension is babrara to affect us or not. We get this from Plato and a lot of ancient sources. That is what we are coming out of.

Astrology and the Rising of Kundalini: So, if we go back years, what we find suddenly on the planet is huge red ochre mines in South Africa. I said to him in my system I am working with 9 dimensions and for me the archons are in the fourth dimension, not in the third dimension.