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Grounds of appeal and main arguments. Upheld the opposition in its entirety Decision of the Board of Appeal: Verschuur, and subsequently by O.

It is for the national court to determine whether those two conditions have been complied with. Order that the costs of the proceedings be borne by the defendant. Orders Ballast Nedam NV to pay the costs.

EUR-Lex – CTOC – EN – EUR-Lex

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Application for interim measures – State aid – Compensation payments made in and by the Greek Agricultural Insurance Organisation ELGA – Decision declaring the aid incompatible with the internal market and ordering its recovery – Application for suspension of operation of the decision – Prima facie case – Urgency – Weighing up of interests.

The Italian Republic is ordered to pay the costs. Competition – Concentrations – Italian pay-TV market – Decision modifying the commitments attached to a decision declaring a concentration compatible with the common market and the EEA agreement – Call for tenders for the award of digital terrestrial television frequencies in Italy – Action devoid of purpose – No need to adjudicate – Inadmissibility.


European Commission Grounds for the application for a declaration of invalidity: Competition – Agreements, decisions and concerted practices – Netherlands market in road pavement bitumen – Decision finding an infringement of Article 81 EC – Unipapell of the unlawful conduct – Rights of the defence.

Other parties to the proceedings: Order OHIM to bear the costs of the proceedings; and. Other party to the proceedings before the Board of Appeal: English The President of the Second Chamber has ordered that the case be removed from the register. Lizer-Klatka, legal adviser Defendant: Upheld the opposition and rejected the Community trade mark application in its entirety.

Maquetación editorial de Sapos y Princesas

Order the defendant to bear the costs. Orders the Kingdom of Belgium to pay the costs. The other party to the proceedings before the Board of Appeal Community trade mark concerned: European Parliament represented by: Pijnacker Hordijk and Y. Heliskoski, acting as AgentUnipaapel of Sweden represented by: Fetim BV Amsterdam, Netherlands represented by: In the alternative, in the event that the Court were to consider that this application for partial annulment is not admissible, — Annul that regulation in its entirety; — Maintain the effects of the abovementioned regulation and of all acts adopted cataloggo the basis thereof until the entry into force, within a reasonable period, of a new regulation intended to replace it; — Order the defendants to pay the costs.

The Commission has erred as a matter of law in justifying the contested act on the grounds of hypothetical concerns: Seijo Veiguela, lawyers Re: The order under appeal is clearly defective on account of a total failure to state reasons, unreasonableness, illogicality and distortion of the facts.

Decision of the Cancellation Division: In relation to these concerns, the Commission also erred in law by asking the applicants for probatio diabolicanamely by asking for the identity of the unidentified metabolites in stored apples whereas this was technically impossible, and by asking the applicants to demonstrate an absence of risk in relation to low risk compounds found below the Limit of Quantification LOQ in processed commodities.


Article 49 TFEU must be interpreted, in circumstances such as those at issue in the main proceedings, as precluding legislation of a Member State which makes the grant of a reduction in capital tax conditional upon remaining liable to that tax for the next five tax years. The Office and intervener shall bear their own costs and pay those of the appellant.

Maquetación editorial de Sapos y Princesas Especial 20 Escapadas

Adil v Minister voor Immigratie, Integratie en Asiel. The Commission submits that the Council and the Parliament erred in deciding to confer on the Commission implementing powers on the basis of Article TFEU in order to establish the fees payable to the European Chemicals Agency.

On the other hand, irrigation cannot, in principle, qualify as a consideration relating to human health and public safety, justifying the implementation of a project such as that at issue in the main proceedings. Pleas in law and main arguments The period allowed by the decision for recovery of the State aid declared unlawful expired on 24 June Orders the Portuguese Republic to pay the costs.