Title: Teknologi budidaya udang galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) dan ikan tambakan (Helostoma temmincki) intensif berbasis Integrated Multi Thropic. Variasi Morfologis Udang Galah (Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man, ) in Unit Kerja Budidaya Air Payau Balai Budidaya Udang Galah (UKBAP BBUG). cara budidaya udang galah dalam kolam terpal,cara budidaya udang galah air tawar,budidaya udang galah di kolam terpal,budidaya udang galah di rumah.

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Subsequentlythe filtered water was passed through cartridge filter 0. Once the algalculture reached into exponential phase and sufficient cellconcentration were pumped into larval rearing tanks. Thistreatment can minimize increasing rate of ammonia, organic matter and SS, thus thistreatment can maintain water quality in rearing tank.

Keywords morphological variation, giant freshwater prawn, inbreed, outbreed. In the present study, filteredseawater was used and the salinity was falls in the desiredrange of 30 ppt for control and experimental tanks.

Salinity is the most important factor influencingmany functional responses of the organisms udanh, growth, migration, osmotic behavior,reproduction etc.


Efek Probiotik Pada Budidaya Udang Galah | Bacteria | Probiotic

Analysis of basic morphometric characters using a statistical program to determine the linear regression and the significance of parameters. The present study was Table 1: In addition to probiotics 0. The alkalinity ppm of both control andexperimental tanks are more or gzlah similar. It changes with accumulation of residual feed,dead algae and excreta.

QLD Admin Country: The pH of the control tank was 8.

If you have any budjdaya about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them. Chlorination was done with 20ppm chlorine. User Username Password Remember me. Decapoda in Sri Langka, Cey.

The survival rate of the nauplii of both control andexperimental tanks were more or less same. Therequired range of pH for shrimp larval culture is 8. A 15HP air blower and a 7.

Please download to get full document. Social Engagement Facebook Shares: Indonesia has high biodiversity, one of them is the diversity of giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii de Man, Hanson and Haraold used C.

The survival rate of different larval stages nauplii, zoea and mysis were maximum in the present study than that of control tanks. The newlyhatched nauplii from hatching tank was harvested andtransferred in polythene bags and stocked in control andexperimental tanks 2 lakhs per tank.


Traditional and non-scientific farms dependedonly on shrimp seeds caught from the wild or thoseentered with the tides for stocking.

Before stocking of nauplii, the larval rearing tankswere first filled with 2 t of chlorinated seawater 30ppt and all the water quality parameters were checked.

Efek Probiotik Pada Budidaya Udang Galah | Bacteria | Probiotic | Research

Email this article Login required. Not Applicable Linkedin Shares: February 10, Corresponding Author: However additionof some commercial preparations such as probiotics isreported to effectively deal with these galau and thatway helpful in maintaining water quality parametersthereby improving growth rate and survival rate.

No Risk Issues Siteadvisor Rating: PalaemonidaeThe Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 55 2 Email the author Login required. A number of microbial agents areinvolved in causing mortalities. Generally organismsare in a talah of balance between potential disease causingmicroorganisms and their environment.