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One is operation to scan with the document scanner unit, the paper is placed on the document glass, the scanner module moves under the document glass, and it scans the paper, and the other one is operation to scan in cooperation with the Fx unit, scan the paper handnuch has been sent Step Cause Check Result Remedy Low pressure of Is the problem solved by Change the position of the pressure roller in changing the position of anti-curl switch.

Page 32 Catch the Arm of the Back cover onto the Pin of the machine body and install the Back cover, and close the Back cover.

Unable to receive polling even during turn-around transmission due to call reservation. Standby position of the scanner unit This selector determines whether the standby position of the scanner unit should be the unit lock position or the location of the white-level reference film attached to the 807p0 of the scanner top cover. Pull Arm Guide 9. Eject Roller B 9. Enter the serial number the last nine digits of the machine into the box on the right hand hxndbuch and click the [OK] button.

  GMW 3103 PDF

Brother DCP-8070D Service Manual

Bushing Taptite cup B M3x10 Separation roller gear New Toner Detection 3. From any arbitrary point No. Page of Go. If jammed, remove it.

Since the machine initializes the white and black level data and obtains the standard value for document scanning compensation when brotger scanning the document, the correct data for compensation cannot be printed out even if this operation is implemented without scanning the document. The ADF motor is rotated clockwise, the pick-up roller draws the document, and the separation roller and separation pad send a sheet of the document to the ADF one by one from the top page of the stacked documents.

Page – Operation check of lcd function code Page – Operational check of control panel butto For color scanning, implement color scanning of the document. Click Finish to return. To print the manual completely, please, download it.


Function Setting and Specifications Addition of registration of station 0: Identify each roller by color of the rollers. Gear 24 Lt Page 3 Remove the three cup B M3x10 Taptite screws. Separate Roller Holder Assy 9. Widens by 10 Hz 1: Refer to the information below for the meaning of the serial number and property codes and the location of each label.

The toner life is displayed through the following two ways. This manual consists of the following chapters Firmware Switch Setting and Printout 4.

Service Information Service Information These are key service information to maintain the product. If the machine does not work normally it judges that an error has occurred, and indicates the corresponding error message on the LCD, which in turn helps the end user to quickly find out the problem.


Motor Frame Assy 9.

The document is passed through the paper feed rollers 1, 2 and 3, and ejected to the document cover by the eject roller. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. DO NOT carry the machine by holding it at the bottom. Page 5 Remove the Separation pad spring.

Widens by 10 Hz Line current detection Not used. Page 3 Pull the FU harness cover 2 to the direction of 3a while pressing the hook and pull out the FU harness cover 2 at the back. Page Page Page – Maintenance information Page – Operational check of fans function code At the start of a disassembly job, you check the disassembly order flow that guides you through a shortcut to the object components. Compression threshold level for voice signals inputted via the handset in the built-in TAD operation Not used.

Page Periodical Maintenance Parts Periodical maintenance parts are the parts to be replaced periodically to maintain product quality. Dial display during transmission Not used. Change the ring delay settings to another value.

Fax scanning error Warning: Fine scanning 1 0: Sensor Operational Check function Code 4. Setting selector 6 to “0” ignores a busy tone so that the machine does not disconnect the line.

Distinguish Error Cause 2.