Find out about the Philips BrightView XCT system for SPECT/CT scanning at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara. Product, BrightView XCT BrightView X upgrade to XCT, designed for single or dual detector nuclear imaging accommodating a range of ECT. Philips – BrightView XCTFits you like no other, BrightView XCT is a SPECT/CT system designed entirely for nuclear medicine. We took a deeper understanding .

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Nuclear Medicine Spectrum Dynamics: Monotonic algorithms for transmission tomography.


A smoothing filter is applied to the data brighgview reduce noise. I agree on cross-border transfer of personal information. Pre-processing of the X-ray data, filteredbackprojection reconstruction FBPand iterative reconstruction are described in the following sections.

CoPlanar FP is tailored to nuclear medicine. Open the catalog to page 2. I would like to receive marketing related electronic communications about Philips products, services, events and promotions that may be relevant to me based on my user preferences and behavior.

Overview | BrightView XCT | Philips

We summarize the current methods for X-ray data processing and reconstruction, including iterative reconstruction. Defective detector pixels are masked. An ultra-large gantry aperture provides an open patient experience. Digital Radiography Technology Report: Since the iterative reconstruction algorithm can accurately model the offset cone-beam geometry, these HU non-uniformities are significantly reduced with the iterative reconstruction, making the knit lines between XCT segments brigjtview disappear.

The effective dose to the patient from the XCT portion of this study was approximately 3. The acquired X-ray projections are half-field projections of the object, because of the offset-detector geometry. Acquisition of data in volume through true isotropic voxels provides high-quality images even when viewed at oblique angles.


Cone-beam CT from width-truncated projections. Projection regions with counts below a defined threshold are filtered to reduce streak artifacts in the reconstruction.

The typical attenuation correction dose is BodyGuard BodyGuard for automatic contouring BodyGuard automatic brighview elegantly moves detectors closer to patients, resulting in superb quality images. These requirements are 24 hours The resulting truncation in the object center is compensated by combining each projection with one from the respective opposite gantry angle. Flexible breathing protocols offer greater patient comfort.

However, the method relies on brighfview mathematical assumptions relating to the cone-beam geometry and the truncation compensation at the center of the field of view. Send a copy to yourself.

For the BrightView XCT, with its offset-detector acquisition geometry, a special FBP method is used, 4 which is a variant of the widely used Feldkamp reconstruction method. The patient zone is designed to create an optimum physical and emotional environment for patients. It is also xt for high-resolution 0.

Remove Subscription Confirm Remove. Open the catalog to page 3. Iterative reconstruction for circular cone-beam CT with an offset flat-panel detector. FBP reconstruction provides a quick volume image for a first review of the acquired data.

Iterative reconstruction can be used to improve image quality in localization studies. Open the catalog to page 4. Adaptive streak artifact reduction in computed tomography resulting from excessive X-ray photon noise. Sowards-Emmerd, PhD, and L. When this is done, the iterative reconstruction can brlghtview computed in the background during the SPECT acquisition, with all datasets being xft for review at the end of the study.


News Enterprise Imaging November 28, For attenuation correction scans in myocardial perfusion studies, shallow tidal breathing with the 60 second rotation is preferred in order to average the attenuation data over multiple respiratory brivhtview to match the position of the heart during the SPECT study. As mitigation, the XCT iterative reconstruction computation was implemented on a graphics processing unit GPUresulting in reconstruction times of less than 5 minutes per XCT segment for 1 mm isotropic voxels, slices.

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PHILIPS BrightView XCT SPECT/CT – Medical Device Technology

If you continue to use the site, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive these cookies on the NetForum website. Scattered radiation in the X-ray projections is subtracted using an object-dependent scatter estimation and correction method.

They were reconstructed with FBP since iterative reconstruction currently supports only voxel sizes of 1 mm or larger.

We took a deeper understanding of what works for you and your patients and combined it with advanced intelligence in technology services.