Bill Mollison. · Rating details · 65 ratings · 3 reviews. This is a guide to storing, preserving, and cooking foods using one of the oldest techniques known to. This is a lesser known book of his, and it’s a pretty great read. It’s a compendium of traditional ways to preserve food (most often w. Shop our inventory for The Permaculture Book of Ferment and Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison with fast free shipping on every used book we have in stock!.

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Niamh Dempsey rated it really liked it Feb 06, Recipes range from the expected-beer, pickles, soy products-to the absolutely bizarre, including a recipe for couscous you probably won’t be trying at home. Return to Book Page.

moklison Brenda Bloom where you are planted. Permaculture visionary Bill Mollison. Therese rated it it was amazing Dec 14, Few could match his intellectual vigour or ability to recount stories that thrilled and taught deeper lessons about our relationship with each other and nature.

The Peoples of the Pacific, South East Asia, South Africa and seven Amazonian language groups have been inspired by and acted on his teachings, embracing Permaculture as a dynamic tool. His lack of formal education gave him many learning opportunities in how the real world works.

This is a guide to storing, preserving, and cooking foods using one of the oldest techniques known to man-that of fermentation. Bob Burns rated it really liked it Apr 20, Later he became a vigorous campaigner against environmental exploitation which lead him to develop Permaculture as a positive solution.


All of the US copyright laws that are now used as a life-support system for the record industry were initially written to stop the publishing of bootleg books. Travis Toner rated it liked it Apr 22, Would also be nice to have a section on methods like how some people convert refrigerators to fermenter with an auxilliary light bulb and simple thermostat.

It is a basic survival handbook which is of great use to gardners and farmers trying to vary their resource base by adding value to their crops. I looked at a “real” one an employer of mine had and was like “oh weird, color pictures? Breadcrumb Home Ethical Living.

Ferment and Human Nutrition by Bill Mollison (books forum at permies)

Meghan Britz rated it really liked it Jun 07, We are, indeed, in the process of reprinting this title and it should be ready for release within the next two months. Semiramis Alx rated it liked it Feb 11, Bill gets very pessimistic when he gets to modern times, one of the more disappointing parts of the book, since I love his usual focus on positive solutions.

Alec rated it really liked it Feb 23, Denise rated it liked it Sep 18, A spell at the Tasmanian Museum in curatorial duties, a return to field work with the Inland Fisheries Commission took him back to college in living on his wits running cattle, security bouncing at dances, shark fishing, and teaching part-time at an exclusive girls’ school.

In recent years, he has established a “Trust in Aid” fund to enable permaculture teachers to reach groups in need, particularly in the poorer parts of the world, with the aim of leaving a core of teachers locally to continue appropriate educational work.


It was apparently some time, though, before European copyrights were recognized by the US government.

The Permaculture Book Of Ferment And Human Nutrition

Heather Bache rated it it was amazing Jul 14, Leaving the University inabandoning a secure academic tenure at the age of fifty an unheard of move Bill devoted all his energies to furthering the system of permaculture and spreading the idea and principles worldwide. I’m uncomfortable with re-distributing complete paper or electronic copies of mine.

I agree that it’s definitely not information that Bill has any right to “own,” but he did take the time to put it all into one pretty readable format, and it does cost some money to print out a bunch of books and get them to various markets. Permaculture ‘inventor’ Bill Mollison, who died this weekend.

Bill returned to his Tasmanian homeland to spend his final years at Sisters Creek on the Bass Strait coast. His charismatic style drew large audiences and led to a flurry of new projects and programmes.

Angelo Glorioso rated it it was amazing Apr 12, And now I know why it’s not very well known. Bill gets to the point.

Then go with your life into moolison fight. This is incredible that this book is not reprinted! At the same time, I’m quite happy to have the information in the book.