Carole Maso. Ava Klein, thirty-nine, lover of life, world traveler, professor of comparative literature, is dying. From her hospital bed on this, her. All articles below are freely available for dowload as PDF documents. Contents: Approaches to Carole Maso’s AVA Monica Berlin Textual Bodies: Carole Maso’s . Looking back on her life, Ava claims tohave been “extraordinarily lucky,” but the reader is even luckierthat Carole Maso has written and Dalkey Archive has.

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Not because I don’t carrole it or because it’s difficult, but because every time I pick it up, I put it down after a short while and go into a reverie about it. Notify me jaso new posts via email. Marie-Claude and Emma and Anatole and me, smiling in the bright light and so much sea, in the room called Joie de Vivre. A lover of life, she writes down her adventures in multiple cities, her multiple lovers while citing famous authors and how they affected her life. This text comes the closest to helping me understand Julia Kristeva’s definition of symbiotic in a concrete way.

It was a life spent in near-uniform comfort, little real struggle. These spare poetic sentences spaced apart are not connected with one another. Praise AVA, Carole Maso’s third novel, is that rare event, a formal literary experiment that is also compelling as a work of fiction.

Sep 27, Caroole Clark rated it it was amazing.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Silence and rest woven between the spare lines. I suppose the best way to put this is imagine someone’s life as a massive crystal masso that is hurled to the ground and broken up into minute pieces.

AVA | Dalkey Archive Press

Jul 06, Zach VandeZande rated it it was amazing. I had gone in search of Colette, the great writer. Reading it quickly, the way I wanted to read it and the way that I wound up reading the final more-than-half of it was a much better pace for it for me.

What have we not done for No character in Beckett has ever admitted that existence is other than a cruel joke. Ava is like floating through rolling hills of memory and dream.

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As soon as we open to the first page, we are completely taken into the mind of Ava Klein, a woman on her death bed. People, places, offhand memories, and imaginary things drift in and out of Ava’s consciousness and weave their way through the narrative. Ava almost parallels in reverse one of my favourite novels: Through it, perhaps Ava seeks meaning from her life, something beyond the sensory indulgences and wayward decisions.

Maso brings this about by traversing us through time and space; living what occurred in the past, recalling from her hospital bed where she, A Each time I brought pen to paper the pen was empty of ink.

Experimental Reading (and Reviewing): ‘Ava’ by Carole Maso

What an achingly beautiful book. Jan 26, robert rated it really liked it. She is a rare bird. Perhaps one csrole tempted to say poetry, but in truth her form is carolr, a revolving and recurring prose. Ava is a radiant bird. This is acrole most extreme of that style, but she does it in almost all of her books – at least the four or five that I’ve read. Instead, Maso wants mado character to live and breathe within the poem. Francesco, a filmmaker from Rome; Anatole, carolle in the air over France; Carlos, a teenager from Gr From her hospital bed on this, her last day on earth, she makes one final ecstatic voyage.

The voices that Maso gives Ava include voices from other authors, philosophers, poets, and people in her life, but Maso also opens the forum to mwso the voice of the reader. I first read this book in the mid-nineties and have read it many times since.

A rare journey and Maso lets us in on this experimental art better than anyone I have thus read. Her specialty in life was seduction, and she employs it here on her self and her reader.

Preview — Ava by Carole Maso. And, most importantly, reading Ava calls attention to the assumptions we bring to a novel – in terms of how it is structured, what we know or want to know about characters.

I will probably never finish this book. Maso’s voice is all her own: It is to this husband her thoughts return and return. I think it invites a second reading. All the things I love about the possibility of books live in this novel.


It is very much up to you to put the blocks together to weave the strands of Ava’s life. She lounged from her position of privilege and pretended to find truth, poetry, beauty. She fed a horse. It took me a while. A common critique of writing which can be called experimental, Avante Garde, Modernist, PostModern… etc. And there are finches in the feeder. There are lines from other writers throughout, including Eliot and Paul Celan and Lorca, as well as refrains of feminist thinkers Monique Wittig xarole Helene Cixous and the overarching figure of Collette.

AVA by Carole Maso | Dalkey Archive Press

Mar 09, jess b rated it it was amazing. I happen to really like associational books, books built of fragments and images and repetitions, which build themselves in their accumulation in your head rather than as a linear narrative, and AVA is a classic–a passionate and well-travelled, well-read, sensual woman, a singer, a writer, a teacher of comparative literature, dying at 39 of a rare blood disease, as she dreams back through acrole life in phrases and masi.

Whisper in my heart, tell me you are there. Each time I brought pen to paper the pen was empty of ink. I wrote you a thousand love letters.

An Erotics of Contemporary American Fiction on the way. You are commenting using your Facebook account. We hear the voices of her parents, who survived the Treblinka death camp, and of her Aunt Sophie, who did not. Books like these, though short in length, pack a whole lifetime into their pages in such a condensed way that you really do feel like you have experienced or witnessed these memories in person.