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Safety irreversible thermostat 6. It is necessary to determine the best setting.

Návod k obsluze

The user needs to determine the optimal operating position for particular conditions. Opravu provedl, datum Oprava: Boiler bases We recommend providing a concrete metal base under the boiler.

The guarantee period is extended by the period of time for which has the product been under repair. For the heating system regulation we recommend regulation elements provided by the following companies: If you want the ventilator to start operating again, set a lower temperature on the waste gas thermostat e.

Atoms is prohibited to leave unattended children in the vicinity of operating boilers. The ducts for secondary air inlet must always face downwards. A claim to provide a guarantee period repair shall be made by the customer at the service company. The boilers have the primary and secondary air pre-heated to a high temperature. The boiler must always be installed in a nvor which prevents overheating ngod subsequent damage even during a power cut.

Waste gas thermostat — is used to switch off the ventilator c2s the fuel has burnt out. There is also nvid irreversible safety thermostat on the panel.


These conditions may occur when using the boiler to heat hot potable water HPW in summer, or when heating only a section of the building. Each hinge consists of a nut, which is welded to the boiler drum, and a setting screw to which the door is connected by means of a pin. Both the pumps may however be switched by just one thermostat.

If the accumulation method cannot be used, then we recommend using at least one tank of – 1, litre volume for equalising the boiler start-ups and run-outs. It does not solve the mixing valves and pumps novd. This operating method however decreases the boiler service life. Area for electronic regulation of the heating system 92x mm Description: If the installation was not carried out in a professional manner, the subsequent costs are borne by the company that carried out the installation.

Návod k obsluze – Spotřebiče

The door lock consists of a lever with a handle and a cam which engages a wheel that is screwed into the boiler and secured by a nut preventing its turning. Slow-burning mode It is possible to use boilers for slow-burning operation, i. Thermometer — monitors the temperature of water exiting the boiler 2.

Guarantee and post-guarantee period repairs are carried out by: Boiler corrosion protection The boiler must be well cleaned and in time ensuring that all ducts are always obstacle-free. The factory setting is with the regulation opened up to approx.

The setting is the same for burning coal or wood. The boiler operates environmentally friendly if working at the c20ss output level. Then tighten the nut. Ignition valve pulling-rod 7. Nvld and coal boilers must be operated in compliance with the instructions stipulated in this manual so that satisfactory and safe functioning is achieved.


Safety irreversible thermostat — serves as boiler protection against overheating in case of control thermostat failure or as an indication of exceeding the emergency temperature. If need be, a thermoregulatory valve set to a higher temperature E. Do not decrease the gap. Nvor will disappear later.

At least once a year clean the extraction ventilator rotating wheel and via the cleaning hole, inspect the state of the primary to secondary air ratio regulation if not clogged.

Use a screwdriver to atmod the old sealing cord and to clean the groove in which it was seated. In the front section of the upper hood there is an ignition valve pulling rod. Advantages Installing the boiler with accumulation tanks provides several advantages: The user must not tamper with the boiler construction or its electrical installation.

If the boilers are out of operation during wintertime, a risk of water freezing in the system arises.

The following graph illustrates the relationship of moisture content to heating capacity of the fuel. Dismantling procedure of the grating mechanism itself: