Motherboard • Read online or download PDF • Asus P4P SE User Manual. P4p se, Quick start guide • Read online or download PDF • Asus P4P SE User Manual. ASUS P4P SE manuals. 10 manuals in 7 languages available for free view and download.

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Asus P4P800 SE Switch User Manual

If all the necessary files are found in the floppy disk, the BIOS update manjal continues. Expansion slots In the future, you may need to install expansion cards. This jack connects to external audio output devices with coaxial cable connectors. This allows you to enable or disable the full screen logo display feature. Jumperfree Configuration Allows enhanced system performance.

Page Chapter 5: You may also find this information in the inside front cover of this p4p00 guide. You may launch the setup mqnual by clicking the Configuration button when AudioESP detects and verifies a newly connected peripheral, or by mankal on the icon from the SoundMAX control panel. Got it, es to print. Wi-Fi slot Jumpers 1.

Table Of Contents How this guide is organized Bios Menu Screen 4. Refer to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates. Filelist The window displays the contents of the support CD and a brief description of each in text format.

For system failure due to overclocking, use the C. The system may become unstable or may not boot up if the power is inadequate. Setting to Auto allows the system to detect the presence of USB devices at startup.


Chapter 3 This chapter describes the power up sequence, the vocal POST messages and ways of shutting down the system. When this field is set to [Enabled], the Fan Speed Ratio the appropriate fan speed ratio.

Are you sure you want to delete this volume? Save the BIOS file to a bootable floppy disk.

Asus P4P SE User Manual | 16 pages

Make sure that the Shut down option button is selected, then click the OK button to auss down the computer. It also detects impedance mismatches, pair swaps, pair polarity problems, and pair skew problems of up to 64 ns. About This Guide Refer to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates.

Write the BIOS file name on a piece of paper. Visit the ASUS website www. Optional documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer. Page 17 Mbps on USB 2. The ultra-fast MHz memory bus delivers the required bandwidth for the latest 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications.

Install the necessary drivers to activate the devices. This mark should match a specific corner on the socket to ensure correct installation. Click an icon mahual display the p4p800 information.

The CPU fits only in one correct orientation. Page 6 Contents 5. The items in this menu are auto-detected by BIOS. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. Asus Contact Information Screen display and utilities option may not be the same for other operating system versions. Insert a floppy disk that contains the original or the latest BIOS file for this motherboard.


Position the CPU above the socket such that its marked corner matches the base of the socket lever. The BIOS setup screens shown in this chapter are for reference purposes only, and may not exactly match what you see on your screen.

Use either one of the two sets of special function keys on your keyboard to play audio CDs. DO NOT place jumper caps on the fan connectors! Motherboard Overview Motherboard overview Before you install the motherboard, study the configuration axus your chassis to ensure that the motherboard fits into it.

This utility is available in the support CD that comes with the motherboard package. Click the Start button then click Shut Down Product Introduction Chapter 1 This chapter ss the motherboard features and the new technologies it supports.

Asus P4P800 SE User Manual

Visit the ASUS website for updates. System Panel Connector This connector accommodates several system front panel functions. Otherwise, the system will not power up. Unique Asus Features 1.

Change User Password After you have set a supervisor password, the other items appear to allow you to change other security settings. Attach either cable end to the SATA connector on the motherboard. If this happens, revert to the default setting [Auto].

You need to type the exact BIOS file name at the prompt.