Source: ADAC Customer satisfaction 1 Subaru 2 Toyota 3 Honda 4 Daihatsu Fahrzeuge der Baujahre Platz Mittelklasse Rückrufe | Autokummerkasten | Aktuelle Umfrage Praxistest | Pannenstatistik Springer, London, STARTS Guide. The STARTS Pannenstatistik ADAC e.V., München, Aggarwal, K. Reliability engineering. Renault committed to a robust and continuous quality approach in been rated as “good” and then “excellent” by ADAC Pannenstatistik.

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Latest Editorials view all Piston Slap: My 1st Hyundai, 203 ,00 miles has a different, but somewhat similar an oxymoron issue. That sounds like BS. Fuel Calculator Petrol or Diesel? Oh but it is the questionaire issued by panbenstatistik ADAC to all its members included trips to the agents for warranty work and information on waranty claims from the manufacturers plus their own roadside repair vehicles.

That sums up how I feel about it now. My credit score Bad Fair Good Excellent. Owned by Toyota Reply Report as offensive Link.

I notice almost the complete abscense of Mercedes W in the list. I’ve located a good table summarising the results for all the cars in the survey. pannenxtatistik

Audi A6, with, apparently 5 year lifespan before it falls into pieces, is only as reliable as notorious Peugeot and Merc A-Class. And incidentally Pannen means breakdown, so these are actual breakdown stats. Sat 9 Dec Fri adacc Dec So here are the reviews that got the most views in I just put the middle class all other classes are available.


If anyone replies to this and is interested ‘i’ll look it up when i get home and include adc details. It’s not really clear from this survey if it just means breakdowns or also includes other faults.

Yes, I noticed all those Alfas and Fiats. Years ago, when cars were generally less reliable, this made more sense. Firstly many people dont stick to the facts and for some or other emotional reason cannot accept what they hear and have to come up with conspiracy theories. Sign up to the HonestJohn.

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No deposit pcp plan. With a particular focus on the elements that contribute to perceived quality, Renault is committed to building a real relationship of lasting trust with its customers.

Still, the German brands fare a lot better than you would expect from all the noise over here. Opel Signum, the pwnnenstatistik ulglier version of Vectra, breaks down almost twice as often as Vectra. As the owner of a Renault-contaminated Nissan, I can assure all concerned that once I get my car back – again – from the dealer, my hard earned will not be spent with them. The german populas is very quickly loosing faith in it its flagship product.


Laguna – backs up what I’ve been saying on here before, the early ones let the side down but the later ones were far better.

French-style quality by Renault –

Does Mercedes provide free roadside assistance in Europe like they do here, and do they contract with someone other than ADAC? However on second reading I discovered the sentence “In die Ergebnisstabelle fliessen ausschliesslich technisch bedingte Pannen ein, die zum Liegenbleiben fuehren.

Latest News Headlines Top The Laguna looks a bit scary! Recent Comments Art Vandelay: And still buys a Toyota for his next ride. Symptomatic of the Rise and Fall of Daimler-Benz?

Also, these only show the winners in their respective categories, not an overall ranking. Volvo, Saab and Volkswagen seems to be middle of the road, so to speak.