Overview. The NF7 series models, based on nForce2 chipset, supports the latest AMD Athlon XP processors with /// FSB, and features new dual. Oddly enough, the ABIT NF7-S had an AT12V connector located on its PCB. We’ ve seen maybe two Athlon XP motherboards with an ATX12V. Abit NF7-S Motherboard Abit’s Version of the NVIDIA nForce2 Chipset By, Tom Laverriere January 7, When NVIDIA announced the.

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We even popped the little cooler to check that thermal compound was indeed used. I always like seeing a manufacturer use components which have a good reputation for quality on their products.

If you decide to upgrade out of vanity, or necessity, to a larger active Northbridge heatsink you’ll appreciate the fact that ABit have placed the fan header just a few millimeters up on the board. Although raw CPU frequencies are not really treated as true benchmarks today, they remain an important performance metric for most overclockers. This is what ExtremeOvercloking.

ABIT NF7 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 SPP

It supported a range of K7 architecture AMD processors and core designs that spanned the period from to Something I was extremely happy to see was that the NF7-M was only using Rubycon capacitors, nothing else. Log in Don’t have an account? ASUS has three boards in the top ten and 5. The mofherboard has two boards in the top ten and 4.

The general layout of the NF7-M is good, I would have preferred to have the main ATX and auxiliary power connectors elsewhere, but I understand that being close to the MOSFETs provides the cleanest voltage signals to the motherboard powersupply circuit. Socket A motherboards supported a broad number of chipset designs that included the VIA KT and Nvidia nForce Ultra series, both popular choices with motherboard manufacturers.

While most motherboards using the nForce2 chipset only have passive cooling on the Northbridge, Abit have equipped the NF7-M with a small active heatsink.

Check out the submission from I. Won’t you please settle this for us. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. In the Socket A era, we find the enthusiast segment to be quite different with Abit proving to be the motherboard manufacturer of choice with overclockers on HWBOT.

If one were to buy a mid to high end motherboard or AMD “whitebox” system these days, they would be well advised to only seriously consider options which have ‘nVIDIA nForce2 inside. With five bit PCI slots you won’t have any problems adding in future expansion cards if desired either. We have not tested any other boards for the AMD platform that were able to do this until now.


Please log in or register to comment. Too many motherboard makers like to place the DIMM connectors right next to the video card. Finally we come to the classic SuperPi 32M benchmark, an important benchmark in terms of historical relevance. Knowing how well those other two iterations of the NF7 platform have performed, I’m sure you’ll agree we have some high expectations about what this board will be able to do, so let’s get started!

Return next week when we will focus on the AMD Socket platform and the motherboards, chips and scores that defined that particular era.

High-End Workstation Performance continued Ships with the following: Doing straight out of the box is an amazing feat in itself. Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

He managed a reference clock of There’s a good chance the IDE motherboagd will get tangled up with the video card as well, especially since the IDE connectors are placed horizontally instead of vertically on the motherboard. In only half a year, nVIDIA have dethroned the previous champion chipsets from VIA and have created quite a reputation for themselves in the stable high performance chipset arena.

The VIA KT and KT may well have been the most popular in terms of units shipped globally, but it lacked the necessary performance features that overclockers craved. This is definitely the best overclocking nForce 2 motherboard.

An extra fan header is also located just above the AGP slot, a good thing if you intend to add extra cooling to a temperamental videocard. Our AMD series of articles kicks off with the classic Socket Aa CPU socket and platform which many us will recall with fondness, not least because it also involved some memorably overclockable processors.

Today we continue our Mother Memory Jf7 series, shifting our focus back to the beginning of the last decade, to a time when AMD had the upper hand against Intel in terms of raw performance.

Admin and owner of Hexus. However, the official word from ABIT is that the NF7-S will indeed ship with four mounting holes even mohherboard our sample didn’t have this feature. Privacy policy and Terms of Nf77.


ABIT NF7-S: Board Layout – nForce2 6-way Motherboard Roundup – December

Nvidia’s competition has been scrambling to catch up, and even newer chipsets like VIA’s KTA don’t appear to have enough muster when it comes to the benchmarks or feature lists. The Primary and Secondary IDE connectors are annoyingly positioned below where our video card is installed. This is good news for the overclockers out there because this means the NF7-M has the potential to overclock high – or at least that is what the word on the street seems to indicate – but you never with a hundred percent certainty.

Mothrboard nForce Ultra was most popular with overclockers due to its ability reach higher clock speeds with independent CPU, memory and AGP overclocking. For those that are picky about memory and frequently like to install different types of modules, the DIMM connector’s position will be an annoyance. There are two USB 2. One feature we felt ABIT shouldn’t have missed was the four mounting holes around the CPU socket that are so vital to all those Swiftech and Alpha users and cooling fanatics in general.

We could run any test and the NF7-S passed all of them even running Prime 95 nnf7. At FSB, we had no problems at all. It indicates they care about the level of quality of their product and considering the recent failure rates bf7 some low ESR capacitors, this is an important area for the longevity of the board.

Barton core processors tempted enthusiasts with the promise of better performance gains thanks to a larger MB L2 cache and the prospect of a higher MHz FSB.

CPU Frequency Although raw CPU frequencies are not really treated as true benchmarks today, they remain an important performance metric for most overclockers. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The AMD Athlon XP series arrived in and was an immediate hit with enthusiasts, offering superior performance than Intel equivalents, coupled with reasonably competitive prices.

You can find the submission from I. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.