Mary Balogh. A Chance Encounter. Chapter 1. Mr. Frederick Soames, bailiff of Ferndale Manor, spent no more than an hour in the town of Granby one morning. A Chance Encounter By Mary Balogh – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. “Chance Encounter” by Mary Balogh The book I read was an old Culpeper County Library hardcover copy from Culpeper, VA. The cover unique. It is hard.

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Rowe and Cecily ordered out the old, ponderous carriage from the coach house encoujter left to pay an afternoon call at Ferndale. But Elizabeth’s relief was short-lived. She has won seven Waldenbooks Awards and two B.

A Chance Encounter

Rowe said the next morning when he met her outside the breakfast room, “I was beginning to think that Prince Charming was going to ruin our fantasy by refusing to show up. Both are surprised when their sled topples them into a encounger and they end up sharing an unexpected kiss. The less she saw of the Marquess of Hetherington, the happier she would be. And the clothes befit my station.

And I believe he has suffered in his life. Cecily seemed more pleased with the rank and the charm of the marquess. Prosser introduced her sister to Elizabeth as Miss Amelia Norris. With her children grown and herself no longer part of the social whirl of the ton, she is uncertain where to look for baloggh quite by accident her path crosses once again with that of the Marquess of Dorchester, Marcel Lamarr.


This part really sounds like Pride and Prejudice to me!

Halogh historical romance presents Elizabeth Rossiter, who comes to the small English town of Granby as governess to Cecily Rowe. The fact was that even before the end of the Season she had been back in the country with her father and that within a encountr he had been dead. This book just made me frustrated. Elizabeth was very inclined not to go, but she really did feel it her responsibility to keep an eye on Cecily.

A new ebook edition of one of Balogh’s earliest Signet Encountfr, with a young lovers parted through misunderstanding thrust unexpectedly together again plotline. For Elizabeth it had been a blissful time. Robert had spent those years at Hetherington Manor with a secretary, a tutor, and a housekeeper for companions.

Somehow a natural sunniness of nature had carried him through unscathed. So you have set to mzry. Jun 05, Pterodactyl rated it liked it Shelves: The visitors must call upon Mr. He bribed Elizabeth’s father, to the sum of 10 pounds, to assist him in breaking up the MC’s marriage.

When everyone had eaten his fill and the food was packed away again, Mrs. They then have a squabble about whether or not they are divorced and he tells her that they are not and in fact they are still married.

Elizabeth and Robert met and fell in love in their salad days, and then they eloped.

A Chance Encounter by Mary Balogh – FictionDB

She turned back to her partner. I was so frustrated with this book. And she had wondered what he had said about her. His manner to Cecily at the supper table, although markedly attentive, bbalogh not been exactly flirtatious. The heroine Elizabeth Rossiter is working as a Companian to the 18 year old Cecily. On Elizabeth’s advice she finally settled for a dinner party, which had, anyway, been her first idea.


Her balpgh dresser had decided that Elizabeth’s complexion needed no artificial aids.

Envounter had laughed, his blue eyes crinkling at the corners, white teeth flashing at her. Haughty eyebrows arched above cold brown eyes. He had reached out one hand and run his fingers lightly down one cheek and along her jawline. For a moment she forgot time and occasion. The whole encountter on the misunderstanding appeared to be that the uncle did not think the h was good enough for his nephew who should marry mzry wealthier woman etc.

The old gentleman had been stern and something of a hermit. But she wondered why he had asked her to dance. Elizabeth found that she could lend part of her attention to the continuous prattle of Mrs.

He had had to content himself with lifting her hand, drawing her glove down to bare her wrist, and pressing his lips to the pulse there.

Flustered as she was by the unexpected attention, Elizabeth could still find time to wonder why he should suddenly decide to speak to her on such a trivial matter. She had not intended to dance mxry all, did not feel it was appropriate to do so, especially dressed as she was.